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Overcome Family Money Worries in 2019

Overcome Family Money Worries in 2019

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I love my work as a lifestyle coach. I’ve discovered an overview to life that is rarely acknowledged. Fixing one problem in our lives is of course a positive step, but the thing is that problems don’t come in finite conundrums with definitive ways of dealing with them.

Digging a little deeper and truly taking stock of our lives is not easy, but taking the holistic healing approach to the complex web that makes up our health wealth and happiness is the only real answer. What it all comes down to is having options. Where there are options, there are ways forward. Where there are ways forward, you never feel trapped.

For most of us, that word ‘options’ hinges on one thing: money. If you want to spruce up your dating life, for example, you’re going to need money to get out there and meet people. If you want to change career or move house or travel or take an art class or break free of society’s shackles and start over in the Himalayas, you’ll need to pay for it. But how? It’s a common issue. You want what you want but your bank says no. And that creates stress. Enough is enough. Let’s tackle money head on.

ISA – save now benefit later

I’ve looked into this. Wealthify offers people just like you the opportunity to open a tax free savings accounts in the form of an ISA. What’s an ISA? I just told you. It’s an individual savings account that’s tax free and offers great flexibility. I’m not saying an ISA will solve all of your problems over night. It won’t. What it will do, however, is create options down the line. Unexpected bills and home or car repairs are financial drains we’d all sooner do without. Don’t let the stress of stretched finances ruin your year. Open an ISA and start saving to tackle any unwelcome surprises.

Reach out to creditors

If you’re snowed under with monthly credit card and loan repayments, reach out to your creditors and explain the situation. Usually, repayments are calculated without taking into account how much disposable income you have available each month. Where several lines of credit begin to gang up on you and the dent in your monthly wages has become something more like a bazooka hole, you need to know that there are options in the form of reduced monthly repayment plans. All you have to do is ask.

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Money saving gimmicks don’t work, right?

If you’ve ever tried to save money, chances are that your attempts to squirrel away a few extra pounds went as far as not going in on a lunch takeaway with your colleagues while proudly claiming that “I’m saving money this month”. As good a start as this is, you could then probably be found a matter of minutes later at the vending machine filling up on overpriced crisps and chocolate. Instead, give yourself a daily allowance and roll it over to the next day if you don’t spend it. By the end of the week, put everything you’ve saved into a savings account. When you achieve a full week of savings just once, you’ll feel the drive to do it again and again.

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