Oodellally Golly What A Day


Isn’t it typical that two days after pouring my heart out about Elfie’s disorder she becomes ill?

Will and Hux have both been afflicted with man flu this past week and after thinking Elfie and I had escaped it, she fell ill this morning. She woke me up crying at 6am and was lying on her bedroom floor. I scooped her up – poor thing was all rolling eyes and floppy limbs – and deposited her on Will’s side of the bed. This always happens when he’s working away! Going into emergency mode I got a double dose of her usual medication into her to kick-start things and then a couple of large mouthfuls of Glucogel which is packed full of Glucose to get her blood sugar up quickly.

The whimpering had woken up Hux so we all de-camped to the sofa and had some morning milk. Hux is still refusing solids thanks to the man flu and Elf halfheartedly nibbled on a banana. When I realised nobody wanted to be awake I took them both back upstairs, Hux to his bed and Elfie and I to mine. She insisted on  sleeping all cuddled up which meant I a) got a bit sweaty and b) had her toes in my mouth on more than one occasion.


As she hadn’t improved by lunch time and had developed a weird obsession with drinking ALL THE WATER (literally almost 2 pints this morning) I called the doctor who was out within the hour. Blood sugars were fine (no diabetes) but if the thirst doesn’t abate in the next couple of days we’ll be off to the hospital to do in-depth blood tests. I’m awaiting a phone call from her Consultant at Nottingham’s Children Hospital to rule out anything sinister relating to her meds or condition.

Meanwhile I’ve aged about five years and am going to have to pay extra careful attention to my forehead frown lines this evening. Luckily I have a relaxing eyebrow and bikini line waxing appointment to get me out the house tomorrow. That’s how hard today has been: I’m looking forward to my bikini hair being forcibly removed. Ahh blissful, honest.

As much as I have loved the day-long cuddle I’ve had with Elfie (though BOY, is baby illness with two children in a whole different league to when you’re dealing with one) this has really reinforced to me why I want to work hard to raise awareness of CAH. Even the GP arrived today with a ream of paper detailing what to do with Elfie in a crisis that came from her consultant, there is so little that even Doctors know about the condition.


Thank you from the absolute bottom of my heart to everyone who has donated to our cause so far. It has touched me so much that people have been compelled enough by my little girl to put their hands in their pockets.  So much that CLIMB have got in touch with me to discuss fundraising – I’m reaching the big time, baby! – and I’m happy to report that I’ll be working with the Living With CAH support group in their quest for a cortisol epi pen.

This evening Elfie was requesting ham sandwiches and a bath so she is well on the mend, thank goodness. Tomorrow is a new day with my lovely children and I hope we’ll be in better shape for exploring the world. And getting waxed.

I didn’t want to let this week go past without mention of someone in our blogging community: Jennie at Edspire. I met Jennie at BritMums last year in the feeding room, she was there with her Matilda Mae and I was feeding Hux, who was two weeks younger than her beautiful little girl. Matilda Mae passed away suddenly on Sunday night, with no explanation or reason. Jennie and her family are quite rightly devastated. I have been taking time every day to reflect and think about Jennie and Matilda Mae, and am sending her nothing but love at this time that none of us can comprehend. I hope Jennie is finding a small bit of solace at the blogging community who are full of compassion and support for her at this awful time. 


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  1. Peggy wrote:

    I am sorry to hear Elfie hasn’t been feeling too well, and yes it always happens when the husband is away! Glad to read she was feeling better towards the end of the day though. X

    Absolutely devastating what happened to Jennie… There are no words…

    Posted 2.6.13 Reply
  2. Get well soon…and I have just seen your pic of chips!! Enjoy! X

    Posted 2.6.13 Reply
  3. Firstly, and even though these are just words from a complete stranger, I feel absolutely devastated about Jennie. I cannot even begin to understand her pain (becoming a parent you try to keep these thoughts locked away) but I hope that sometime in the future it will ease away (even if it’s just a little bit).
    Secondly, well done you! And also thank you for sharing your story. My daughter was born 2 months early and I only slightly touched that subject in my blog as I just don’t feel fully ready for it yet. However, I think it will be very therapeutic for myself once I do. Good luck with your little darling. X

    Posted 2.6.13 Reply
  4. Lulu wrote:

    Sending you all the best and hope little Elfie feels better soon and she loses her water obsession. It must be such a frightening thing for you to deal with. You’re so very strong!

    I cannot say what effect that awful, awful story about poor darling Matilda Mae just had on me. It is something I just cannot comprehend and I shall be sending my love, prayers and thoughts to Jennie and her family for a long, long time. I had to just snatch my darling Pippa up from her sleep, very selfish of me but even just a glimpse of the agony they must all be in was too much.

    God bless little Matilda and lots of love to your little family. I know you shall be holding them all that bit tighter tonight, like me.

    Lulu x

    Posted 2.6.13 Reply
  5. Oh no! Sorry to hear that Alice. Hope she gets better soon x

    Posted 2.6.13 Reply
  6. Jamie Klingler wrote:

    I really don’t know how you do it honey… and in the midst of all of this you find time to worry about me and my dog. Love you lots and thinking of you guys.

    Posted 2.7.13 Reply
  7. Steph (@imcountingufoz) wrote:

    Poor little Elf, glad she’s on the mend. You’re a fab mum and what you’re doing to fundraise is amazing.

    I pretty much can’t stop thinking about Jennie. I have never met her but her tragic news shocked me on Sunday. I was reading her blog the other night literally sobbing into my pillow for them all. I hope she finds some comfort in the support she’ll get from us all xxx

    Posted 2.7.13 Reply
  8. Molly wrote:

    Oof, sounds like a hell of a day. No fun at all. Hope the blood tests come out the way you want them to (i.e. nothing nasty) and your two gorgeous bubs are back to their perky selves soon. x

    Posted 2.8.13 Reply
  9. Tammy wrote:

    Great picture and the babies are so beautiful!

    Posted 3.30.13 Reply