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Happy first wedding anniversary today to the best husband in the whole world!

It really doesn’t feel like 12 months ago that we said ‘I do’. And at the same time, it feels like we’ve been married forever.

What a year – I can’t wait for the next 70.

PS: a hectic weekend was spent moving all our wordly belongings 5.1 miles north to Muswell Hill. The new house is wonderful, all the SPACE is a revelation (garden! nursery! separate kitchen!). Sky was installed over the weekend but we won’t be online until the 22nd, so until them I’m limited to whatever I can squeeze in at work. Internet, I miss you!

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  1. Happy anniversary!
    I wish I had posted like that. Instead, I forgot. Not only the post, but the anniversary. The shame.
    I blamed it on nappy brain. I blame a lot on nappy brain. Whoever invented the excuse of nappy brain deserves a medal.

    Posted 1.12.10 Reply
  2. Alice wrote:

    Thank you!
    Though I remembered the date (honestly… I didn’t think it was actually the 14th and have to be corrected by my husband…. ahem) I totally forgot about gifts/cards. I gifted my husband with a nice bit of pork cooked just the way he liked it instead!

    Posted 1.13.10 Reply
  3. Hello, just found you through Met Mum – thank you MM – Lovely blog Alice, look forward to reading more! Completely with you on the worry – i was a neurotic mess the first time round. Second time however, I barely remembered i was pregnant throughout x

    Posted 1.15.10 Reply
  4. Alice wrote:

    Thank you Elsie! It is so nice to have found this network of mummy bloggers – I imagine I would feel a lot more along without it. Good to hear from you as I am an avid follower of your blog x

    Posted 1.15.10 Reply
  5. Meg wrote:

    Congrats to you too Alice!!! (I hope you enjoy your paper (?) I think that’s the first anniversary… hmmm not so sure now!) I hope you have many more wonderful years! (and I see you are also preggers, so congratulations there as well!! exciting year for you :)) Meg xoxo

    Posted 1.15.10 Reply