One Tequila, Two Tequila, Three Tequila…

IMG_9460When I went to New York recently I gingerly tried a Margarita for the second time.

The first time I tried a Margarita I was sixteen and in the bar of a lovely hotel in Chipping Campden with my parents; it was the only thing I recognised on a menu of cocktails that may have well been written in a foreign language. I got a mouthful of salt, drank it so I wouldn’t lose face and never ordered one again.

But in New York City, the day before Cinco De Mayo, Margaritas are a must. And I bloody loved it. I can’t believe I have spent twelve years missing out on this limey, tequila-y goodness. I have a lot to catch up on.

There is a point to this story, I promise.



When I won a Vitamix in a competition a couple of months ago (I know, right? BEST PRIZE EVER) Margaritas weren’t the first thing on my mind. In fact, a stipulation of the prize was that I was to hold a ‘Margarita Party’ and blog about it, when in actual fact I was far more interested in making morning smoothies and healthy soups for lunch with my new dream machine.

Yet I dutifully planned my Margarita Party, fajitas and karaoke. But then I went to New York, became single and my overnight babysitter fell out of the attic. The Margarita Party couldn’t happen at home (kids can’t sleep through the caterwauling of karaoke, I’ve tried) so I went on the search for an alternative venue.


Luckily my lovely friend Alex had recently moved house and was planning a housewarming party. I asked her, pretty please, can I bring my Vitamix, tequila, limes and SingStar over to your house? She said DOH, this is why I am friends with you, OF COURSE YOU CAN.

And so the crashed Margarita Party was planned!

Firstly, have you ever bought 20 limes and 20 lemons? They cost like £14 and you will be drinking water with added lime and lemon for WEEKS afterwards. And trying to juice 20 limes? Not the easiest job in the world. Better to make your first Margarita as soon as possible so you have some company for your sore squeezing hands. Even better still, get someone else to squeeze them.

IMG_9470 IMG_9473


Lime juice

Add two measures of Tequila, one of Cointreau and one of lime juice into the Vitamix with a handful of ice (or a cocktail shaker)
Blitz (or shake)

Because the Vitamix is epic (and I piled a bunch of ice in it) our Margaritas turned out to be kind of the consistency of Slush Puppies. Slush Puppies for grown ups, full of fun. They were absolutely bloody delicious and the Vitamix made me the most popular person at the party. So if you buy one, not only is it good for your kitchen but also your social life.

IMG_9483 IMG_9496 IMG_9498

I also made a basil vodka lemonade based on this recipe. I probably won’t bother again; I replaced the sugar syrup for Gomme and not sure if I used enough as it was pretty gross. Still drank it though (obviously).

IMG_9493I think you can see that a good time was had by all. The Margarita drinkin’ was followed by karaoke singing (KELLY CLARKSON EAT YOUR HEART OUT) and a stumble to the local wine bar.

bc41da96c00011e2952e22000a9f3cf3_7 4e14b7bec00511e2b6f822000a1f8cdf_7I love a good girl’s night in and this one was most excellent.

Frozen Margaritas are definitely going to be the drink of my summer. Thank-you Vitamix for giving me the gift of Margaritas!

You can see the parties held by the rest of the Margarita party winners: Mummy Barrow, Domestic Goddessesque and Charlotte

Obviously Vitamix sent me this amazing kitchen gadget for free and it has changed my life. You can see pictures of my morning smoothies on my Instagram feed – they’re mostly green cos apparently it’s healthier, innit. 

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  1. One tequila
    Two tequila
    Three tequila


    Posted 6.6.13 Reply
  2. amy wrote:

    Without meaning to sound like a letter to Take A Break…cut your lemons/limes in half then pop them in a bowl onin the microwave. I do one for about ten seconds, and they are so much easier to juice!

    Posted 6.6.13 Reply
  3. Myra wrote:

    Oh god
    This reminds me of the night 2 girlfriends and I decided to make our own cocktail which consisted of champagne and vodka.
    We did not look as good as you.
    I broke the curtain rail and my friend threw up in the shower but she actually managed to throw up between the shower cabin and the wall. Yup. Impossible to clean up.

    I am glad your evening was NOT like that :)

    Posted 6.6.13 Reply
  4. My mouth is actually watering!

    Posted 6.6.13 Reply
  5. HonestMum wrote:

    Ooh yum! Love your pink jeans too! You look gorge x

    Posted 6.7.13 Reply
  6. Absolutely cannot touch tequila ever again. A sip alone makes my stomach churn, after I might have caught too much at a party a couple of decades ago…
    Looks like you had a lot of fun though – love the pictures of Kaisa and yourself! Dxx

    Posted 6.7.13 Reply
  7. Molly wrote:

    Mmmmm… Tequila… I have fond and awful memories of Tequila. It reminds me of holidays in the sunshine, cocktails and fab nights out, but also of drinking WAY too many slammers aged 17 and spending the night with my head in the toilet. Still, those Margheritas look VERY tasty!

    Posted 6.9.13 Reply
  8. I was supposed to make Margaritas? D’oh!

    Posted 7.2.13 Reply