On The Tail End of Girl-Flu

This post originally appeared in my old blog, www.the-alice.co.uk

It’s been a funny couple of days. The blocked up nose I’ve been enjoying ever since I got pregnant has been made unbearable by a cold; I’ve been tired, headachy, grouchy, and did I mention TIRED? I worked from home yesterday, thanks again to the wonderful motion that is HAVING THE INTERNET AT HOME. Wonderful .

Thursday was my second appointment at the hypertension clinic, which was just as relaxing as the first. An hour of relaxing on a couch and a being gently prodded by pulse monitors followed by a view of Baby H – Baby GIRL H! They are now 99% positive that our baby is a girl, and I am 100% happy. I had felt Girly feelings right from the beginning (natural, I guess; Will has three sisters, as does my Dad), and for some reason I just never imagined having a boy.

Anyway, Baby girl H is looking very well, her measurements are on the large side which I expected as I reckon they moved my dates forward by a few too many days at my 12 week scan. My blood pressure is perfect (106/60), and my bloods all came back normal. So we’re right on track and at 17 weeks 4 days, nearly half way there. I’m thinking that people will be able to see I’m pregnant now, rather than just a bit porky:

(Please excuse everything in this photo besides the bump, Saturdays at home mean no bra, makeup and glasses)

We have decided on a name, but I think for now I will try and keep it a secret from the internet. I can say however, that both first name and middle names come from our grandmothers.

Next up in Alice’s baby tales: The Baby Show next Sunday with husband and parents (I’m hoping I don’t freak out as much as I did in the baby department of John Lewis as there is no remedial Topshop nearby), find a good maternity bra, sign up to my local Aqua Ante-Natal class and eBay all the junk that is currently cluttering up the nursery. The fun never ends…

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