This Week

    • Whenever I go into London to work I generally arrive at Euston at around 7.15am; this way I get to squeeze in a full days work and a nice breakfast. I would eat at Ed’s Easy Diner every day if I could (I love their £3.85 bacon stack) but I do like to try and mix it up. Next on my to-try list is the new St John Hotel and I have loved reading the reviews of their breakfasts this week: Hollow Legs, Wennie’s Affairs and Saffron Strands.
    • I went to Roskilde in Denmark the summer before Elfie was born and was AMAZED at the general hotness of the Scandinavians. It’s basically insane – there are no ugly Scandinavians. Which is why I was so pleased to see Adele post her top 3 Swedish Accessories. So now I can be Scandinavian-hot, too!
    • I have made it my summer mission to wear all the accessories I own (LOADS); I usually only wear the same necklace which has a charm of Elfie’s baby fingerprint on it and a letter E. Jennine’s ‘I’m a Secret Accessory Junky‘ post totally inspired me.
    • James Van Der Memes. Just because.
    • I have spent the morning wondering if I can justify spending £92 on this beautiful ‘If Only I had a Heart’ dress (pictured) from Brooklyn designer Alexandra Grecco (via WishWishWish)
    • I so love Enjoying the Small Things. It makes me want to go and live in Florida and spend days on the beach and always reminds me of the importance of photographing as many memories as possible.