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Now You’ve Started Planning Your Wedding, It’s Time To Pick The Rings!
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We have all been there as little girls when we have spent all hours daydreaming about our big day; what our dress is going to look like, how handsome our husband is going to be, and of course what the sparkler on our left hand is going to look like.

When the day finally comes it is never how we pictured it when we were seven or eight years old. The truth is; it is a million times better, because you get to experience love too. Oh, and of course it is likely that the bright pink puffy dressed you envisaged as a young girl definitely does not coincide with your fashion taste now…

If you have started planning your wedding then you undoubtedly have a lot to look forward to and a lot to get excited about. One activity assured to fill you with a lot of fun and joy is searching through the wedding rings to find the best one for you and your partner. There is no better time to begin this process than now. After all, once you know you are getting married, you should use the time you have between the proposal and the wedding to find the best ring. This is not a decision you should leave to the last minute. You need to have the time to ensure you like the ring. Not only this, but there are several options available that tend to be highly popular yet also time consuming, such as engraving and custom made rings. 

You and your partner need to have a serious discussion with each other about the wedding rings you are going to buy. A lot of people consider their wedding ring in their mind yet they do not discuss it with their partner. Once they get to the jewellers they find that they are on different pages and thus a lot of time is wasted. Make sure you have a chat before you begin your shopping process. After all, you need to decide whether you want your wedding bands to match. If the answer is yes then you will both have to come to a conclusion regarding the sort of style you are going to go for. 

Aside from this you should also consider whether you want to have your wedding bands custom made rather than buying those that are mass produced and readily available in all shops. Going down the custom made route is highly recommended. You will both have rings that are one of a kind. Not only this, but they will be designed to completely suit your taste and your vision. Therefore there is no way you won’t be happy with the result. 

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So, now you’re ready to go off and buy your perfect wedding rings!


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