The New House Wishlist

We’re moving house this year – gulp, treatment I’m still nursing the scars from the last move two years ago, pill UGH packing! – and though I’m dreading the logistics of it I’m also very much looking forward to moving a home that we’ll be in for a while.

I’m reluctant to say “a forever home”, because who knows, really? I’d still love to live by the sea one day. But I’m hoping this will be a very happy home for us for at least the next five years. Crikey, I’ll have a ten and an eight year old by then!!

As the outline plans have gone into the council for approval I’ve begun building my wishlist for the new house. Of course I’m ignoring the important things, like doors and sizes and walls and foundations and am thinking instead of more interesting things: paint colours, furniture schemes and wall coverings.

Here’s what’s on my list for the new pad:

Calming wall colours

I know it’s difficult to exactly pick paint colours until we’re actually in, but I’ve started researching and already have a couple of colours in mind. Going with Farrow and Ball for both, I’m after Cornforth White in the living areas and gorgeous Pink Ground in the bedroom.

Let there be light

The light in the new pad is IN-SANE: there are doors out to the garden so it floods in all day, even when the weather is at its greyest. Because it’s a former bungalow I want to increase the light with more VELUX windows, which have the added effect of creating a gorgeous rain patter sound on those grey days. There’s nothing like falling asleep to that noise!

A herb garden

This makes me feel about 50 but I’m dying for a herb garden in the new place. I’ve never lived anywhere long enough to feel like I can grow one, so I’ve started planning my herbs already: rosemary, sage, thyme, lemon thyme, MINT FOR PIMMS! Can’t wait!

Rugs for years

The new house is very open plan with huge expanses of floor to cover. You know I like my rugs, so I’m planning on purchasing lots of lovely soft fluffy ones to cosy up on. I know you see it everywhere but I just adore the West Elm Souk wool rug – strictly no food drink allowed on this, though. Heck, the children might not even be allowed on it, either ;)

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