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What You Need to Help Your Lawn Beat the Heat This Summer

You can water, fertilize, and hold off from mowing, but it doesn’t seem to matter. When the dog days of summer roll around you know your lawn is going to be looking brown like always. Every year, it never fails. After spending months of treating your yard like a fine piece of art it all turns out to be worthless in July. Of course, a bad looking yard makes the rest of your house look run down as well.

As the entrance to your property, there is little more important than keeping your lawn green. So, how does that neighbor down the street always seem to make it through the year with the greenest yard on the block? Chances are he has a few tricks up his sleeve—and we’re going teach you them.

Don’t Forget the Experts

With Americans spending over $16 billion in lawn care each year, there’s something to say about how important people think a great looking yard is. Supplies alone top $6 billion in sales for the year and the industry employs almost one million workers. Folks are pretty serious about how their yard looks. If they weren’t there wouldn’t be more than 400,000 lawn care companies in the United States. But what’s that all mean for you? It’s simple—you have help.

Maybe you don’t have to leave everything up to the professionals, but keep in mind that they are experts for a reason. Putting your lawn in their hands means it’s in good hands. But we’ll teach you a few tricks that should help to keep your landscape green this summer anyways.

The Best Care for the Best Lawns

You already know that lawn maintenance is a huge industry. What you might not know is why. There’s a reason why the people who work on grass everyday are good at it. It’s because they have education, experience, and the tools.

Plain and simple, you can work on your grass all year around, but you won’t have the same equipment that the professionals have. You can research how to have the best looking grass, but they’ve already forgotten more you’ll ever know. And if there’s something weird going on in your yard, chances are that they’ve seen it before. The best thing you can do for a healthy yard is to call the best out there. Other than that, there are a couple ways to keep your grass green all year long.

Water Right

It’s not good enough to just sprinkle your lawn. You have to soak it, and soak it good. In fact, it’s so important to get water to the roots that if you don’t have time to allow deep penetration then it’s better to not water at all.

Mow, Mow, Mow Your Lawn

Believe it or not, it matters when you mow. And maybe even more unbelievable is that you should actually mow multiple times a week. Yep, maintaining your lawn at a consistent level means it will be healthier. Your specific needs may depend on the variety but generally it is a good idea to keep your grass between a half-inch and three-fourths of an inch high.

If you have a shadier lawn, feel free to leave your mower on the high end. The same goes from when you’re in drought season. Mowing consistency actually allows your blades to thrive and can discourage weeds from growing as well.

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Keep the Insects Out

Everyone knows about the fertilizing, but you also need to spray your lawn for insects. Bugs can be just as harmful as scalping your yard with the lawnmower and not watering. Whether it’s beetles, grubs, or crickets, you need to get rid of them. The good news is that this takes nothing more than a trip to your local hardware store. You’ll have plenty of options to do the job.

Avert Traffic

If you really want green grass, it’s best that your yard doesn’t see traffic. That might not be totally realistic with children and pets, but one reasonable option is to move play areas around. Use every part of your yard and try not to develop paths to your vehicle, pool, or fire pit. It’s as easy as that.

Variation is Key

Every yard will have bare spots, but filling those spots with the right type of grass is what separates the green lawns from the rest. Find out what variation your yard needs to grow best in your climate and the rest will take care of itself.


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