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My New Bedroom

My New Bedroom

Do you remember the saga of my bed? That bed that was so representative of my new life, illness of the changes that have been made and what is coming next. Yeah, unhealthy that bed has gone, completely gone. Well, kind of… it’s in the garage, waiting for me to call the council to come and pick it up. But it’s out of my bedroom which is the most important thing… adios, bed.

We’re moving house soon and ever since the bed saga I’ve noticed that I’ve become slightly obsessed with my bedroom. It’s become a real haven, a place for me to retreat to at the end of a busy day, to watch breaking bad, paint my nails and slathering myself in potions that promise to keep me young. It’s currently a no-child zone and I plan to keep it that way (except for at 5am when I really have no resolve and can’t bring myself to forcibly eject a 3 year old from my bed).


Well duh, I bought, renovated and built the bed so it’s staying. But if I hadn’t just take a look at this bank-breaking option from Laura Ashley. Gorgeous or what? Maybe next time…


I’m currently perusing my mattress options. Memory foam or pocket sprung? Orthopaedic or latex? SO MANY OPTIONS. But as all the options revolve around how I will get the best night’s sleep possible I am quite happy to spend a loooong time on the research.


I’ve found the most incredible lace curtains from IKEA of all places and these are really going to fancy up my room a bit. I plan on layering these on top of Venetian blinds for a more modern look.


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My new bedroom has a walk-in wardrobe which is always the absolute dream, right? It’s small but it’s there and that’s the main thing. I’ll be using IKEA storage boxes inside the wardrobe (I love that shop, did you know?)


I’m still working on this one as I’m waiting to see what the ceiling light is like at the new pad. But generally I tend to love my fairy lights and the soft lighting that is given off by dim lamps. Peaceful and relaxing, innit. I’ll probably head back to my favourite shop (HI IKEA) to check out my lamp and lampshade options.

How do you decorate your bedroom?

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