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My Fashion Week

My Fashion Week

Last week I had big plans. Plans to write lots of witty and humerous garb about London Fashion Week and how it’s all relevant to the modern mother, blah di blah. But then I started feeling a bit ropey on Thursday and on Friday, wow, I was on my deathbed. With raging red tonsils.

In my previous life at a magazine I used to hoover up all Fashion Week show invitations discarded by the editors and co-ordinate all LFW Social Media coverage from the press centre (in the days before bloggers were segregated from the magazine journalists). It was brilliant – the free Toni&Guy hairdos, the MAC makeovers, the goody bags, spotting yourself in post-show coverage (OK, this happened once, Bora Aksu A/W ’10). But, believe it or not, in five years I have had some sort of cold or flu bug over London Fashion Week FOUR TIMES. Which I think it my body’s way of telling me that high fashion and I are incompatible.

So instead I will be directing you to some ladies who can help you out with intelligent and interesting coverage of the shows. First, you need to check out Kris’s stunning almost-live LFW photoblog. Then you should follow hair expert Rachael as either @furcoat or @HJi_Rachael on Twitter (her tweets got me through a particularly dark time on Saturday afternoon) as well as the tres sophisticated Isabelle OC. Lastly, check out lovely Laetitia’s illustrated LFW highlights and some easy-to-digest fashion at

As for me, well, I’m wearing leopard print leggings today in homage to Fashion Week but I should really be back in bed. Or in front of the mirror examining my tonsil spots (they most certainly aren’t chic). See you on the other side.

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PS: I will just say one fashion-y thing, but it’s OK because it’s geeky too: how brilliant is it that these Louise Gray boots look QR-code inspired?!

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