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My Best Friend’s Blog

My Best Friend’s Blog

(Sometimes our husbands get us mixed up)

I interrupt my usual programming to announce that after years of ho-humming about it one of my best friends in the whole wide world forever and ever and ever amen has started her own blog! I could not be prouder than if it were Elfie or Hux blogging: Su is an absolutely brilliant writer and I know she’s been wanting to get down and creative online for a while.

I first met Su about 10 years ago when she was a pescatarian (I used to ask her “but what about BACON?!”), saw her through her conversion to vegetarianism – she sat through a dinner of squash risotto at Gaucho on cowskin seats, the trooper – and shook my head at the thought of no cheese when she converted to veganism about a year ago. That’s what Su’s lovely blog is about: life and her journey through veganism.

It’s still well worth a read if you’re a meat eater as it’s stuffed with recipes that will satisfy even the most carnivorous palate (i.e. mine). I love reading it as it’s just like sitting next to her, hearing her chat about her allotment and penchant for heavy metal… and Twilight, shh ;) It’s a lovely way to stay abreast of what’s going on in her life as we’ve been separated far too long by the M1.

Anyway, please pay Su a visit at Honey For The Bees and say hello! She’s also just joined Instagram as Sookisu… next step, Twitter!

For another good pal who’s just started blogging please head over to TilleyBlog… for all your London-based food and cocktail needs, plus travel snippets from Elfie’s new BFF

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