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Mummy’s Shoes

Mummy’s Shoes

It’s hardwired in lots of women’s psyche to have a ‘thing’ for shoes, isn’t it? I don’t think I’m so into them as my husband would have people believe, I probably have around 30 pairs as opposed to the 50+ pairs a shoe fanatic might. Is 30 a lot? I’m not even sure.

It’s tough to buy shoes when you’re a parent. Here are two of my summer favorites that I pretty much never wear anymore:

The beaten up ones on the right used to be my absolute go-to going out shoes; faux-snakeskin and from Reiss, they are beautiful. Their condition probably speaks volumes about how many excellent good nights out they’ve accompanied me on and ever since I hit 20 weeks of pregnancy my feet have been too swollen to wear them anymore. The ones to the left are KG by Kurt Geiger and I wore them recently for a wedding. It hurt, but I looked good. Which is what counts, right?

My current lifestyle of cooking, childminding and working from home doesn’t so much require fancy shoes, I don’t see myself trotting off to Fashion Week this year, but it’s always nice to have something in case of any last-minute invitation to meet Cheryl Cole. Or something.

Wedges are a much more practical shoe when you’re a mother. Although there is always the risk of toppling off them (it’s happened. It hurt) they are much easier to walk in. I have been looking for my perfect wedge shoe this whole summer (by which I mean I checked ASOS, Net-a-Porter, Reiss and TopShop before feeling bored and defeated) and came up with zilch. But then I saw this post about wedges on LibertyLondonGirl and fell in shoe love with a Comptoir des Cotonniers pair she bought in Spain. There are no Comptoir des Cotonniers boutiques local to me but last weekend I visited Nottingham and knew I would be having lunch in the vicinity of a CdC. I wasn’t holding my breath but there they were – the final pair of tan and brown wedges, in size 5 and marked down from £170 to £85 – it was shoe fate.

Aren’t they beauties?! Comfortable and sensible(ish), they will serve me for that date with Chezza, the wedding I’m going to next month or I might even go all out and wear them shopping next week. I know, WOAH.

In case you are wondering, the below shoes have been surgically attached to my feet all summer. And last summer, come to think of it.

They’re not glamorous, but at least they ain’t Crocs (of which I absolutely don’t own a pair. Ahem).

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