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MTT (and Elfie) Goes Camping

MTT (and Elfie) Goes Camping

I’m going to give you some news that may shock you.

I went camping. And enjoyed it.

One of the things I love most about Elfie’s school is how social it is and once a year they hold a local camping expedition. Everyone’s invited – brothers, online sisters, ampoule grandparents, dogs – and this year we all took off five miles down the road to our local country park and camp site.


I was a total novice this year with a tent of my parents’ (that couldn’t be used as it broke so some friends kindly lent me their spare – thank-you Ellie!) and a sleeping bag that hasn’t been used since my Duke of Edinburgh days. But I thought I’d use the experience as a dry run, see how I enjoyed the whole thing and then asses whether or not I’d want to camp again in the future.

This was camping done right. A coolbox full of ice and wine and friends to share it with, the kids entertaining each other until they were forced into tents by rain at 10pm, a fish and chip supper from the local village, morning croissants and tea served out of one of the mother’s campervans. It made me realise that, if you camp with the right people and at the right places, camping can be a ball!


And so I came home, convinced my parents to replace their broken tent with a fancy blow-up pole one (seriously, these contraptions are incredible) and started researching all I would need for our next camping trip.

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So this one goes out to any of you who have thought about camping but haven’t yet taken the plunge: DO IT! I’m excitedly planning our next expedition (erm, and the colour of the rug I’ll be using inside the tent, #priorities) and can’t wait for a bit of adventure in The Great Outdoors. If you want to ease into it slowly then take a look at the amazing glamping trip Kat went on recently but otherwise I’ve included all my camping essentials for you below. Enjoy, get wet and have fun!!


Hunter wellies, £89.95, Outdoor and Country. Berghaus Air 6 tent, £499.99, Millets. Women’s Guardian Jacket, £249, Rohan. Women’s showerproof hat, £14.95, Joules. Vango Tent Carpet, £34.95, Amazon. Tropen sleeping bag, £180, Halfords.

What are your best tips for camping in the great outdoors?

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