Ms With One S And Other Life Notes

I did it. I deed poll’ed myself and in a process that seemed way too simple to be official I said goodbye to Mrs Alice Harold forever. That’s right, I’m Ms-with-one-S Alice Judge-Talbot now and in all honesty it’s been a rollercoaster. I had no idea I’d have so many emotions attached to my name but seeing that deed poll in real life felt so very odd.

Of course it doesn’t help that I decided to make these changes right before a brutal bout of PMS; my emotions have always been very closely linked to my hormones and the name change seemed to prompt an attack of OH MY GOD I’M RUINING MY KIDS LIVES, because there is no guilt like that of divorce. There was no husband with me this week to celebrate Hux’s first independent steps and Elfie’s hilarious insistence that she was a cat for three days straight and that felt HARD. It felt like I was depriving them of a dad and I spent way too much time having a bit of a self-pitying weep.

The thing is, I know that rational thought and my period are mutually exclusive ideas. I know that most of my thoughts and feelings around this time are wildly unpredictable and the result of a rush of hormones but it doesn’t make it any easier. I kept saying to myself, self, this is not your reality, but then I’d spill some salt and it would ruin my day.

TMI? Shall I start discussing tampons vs mooncups or something?

Aside from the odd hormonal upheaval things are good. I can’t remember how much I’ve written about my Post-Natal Depression since the separation but my black cloud lifted as soon as the unhappiness at home was over. When I went to New York I forgot to pack my Prozac and haven’t taken it since; perhaps not the best way to come off anti-depressants but I haven’t missed them at all. The anxiety, the worries, the sadness… for 28 days of the month it’s a thing of the past. At first I worried that I was on some sort of adrenaline high with all the changes but 9 months down the line and I’m happily unmedicated.

The kids and I are moving house in a couple of weeks. Not very far away from where we are at the moment but somewhere a little smaller, more manageable financially and housework-wise, closer to the train station. New name, new memories, right? My parents own the house so I’ll be able to paint the whole thing pink if I want (I won’t) (maybe). The kids are sharing a bedroom which they (and by ‘they’ I mean Elfie) are very excited about; I have a walk-in wardrobe waiting for me so I’m excited, too.

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  1. hrynne wrote:

    I’ve made some very odd irrational decisions lately since becoming single that I can only put down to hormones! Even considering going on the pill to calm them down I guess at least I recognise what it is and I don’t continue thinking I’m going mad xx

    Posted 11.4.13 Reply
  2. Jordan wrote:

    The one thing that shouts out to me within this post is that you sound happy. At the end of the day – that is ultimately ALL that matters. It’s great to read. I hope you stay that way x

    Posted 11.4.13 Reply
  3. Richmond Mummy wrote:

    First of all AJT (loving the name!) can I just say what a fabulous photo this is and HOW CUTE does Elfie look as a cat (you too, but she is really really really cute!) – I can understand why she decided she wanted to be a cat for 3 days straight! Second of all, my heart really goes out to you reading everything you’re going through but to hear that when all is said and done, you are happy, even through the ups and downs of navigating your way through this new life you’re in, then that’s what counts. Long may the happiness continue and well done you for braving your way through this, you’re one strong mamma xxx

    Posted 11.5.13 Reply
  4. Hormones or not, you sound really happy and as if you’ve got your stuff together. The Internet very much approves :-)
    Much love, D

    Posted 11.5.13 Reply
  5. Lauranne wrote:

    Don’t worry it happens to us all, and just as I think I have my emotions in check I start to ball all over again over the stupidest thing!! How exciting that things seem to be moving in a positive direction for you!

    And mooncups – I have heard of such things but never seen them to buy, I look forward to your informative yet hilarious post! :0)

    Posted 11.5.13 Reply
  6. Honestmum wrote:

    Loved reading this Mama, yay to happiness, new memories & a super cool name! Your new chap sounds lush too! Hope we get some pics of that walk in wardrobe too! Mwah x
    P.S hate pmt & personality transplant too. I’ve started weekly acupuncture & I was normal (for me ;) ) this month! x

    Posted 11.8.13 Reply
  7. Congrats, I’m proud of you, but… can I still call you Alice Arnold? ;)

    Posted 12.4.13 Reply