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We’re big on talk about feelings in our house.

I’m not sure if it’s because we’re a fractured family, but I always want my children to feel completely loved and secure: they’re constantly told how loved they are, how important they are and how much they mean to me. And I think it works… we’re always swapping germs (In the last two months alone we’ve all had flu, a sickness bug and a cold), and in my book if we’re in each other’s faces enough to pass around illnesses then we must be doing something right.

Because of this we read many books about what the members of our family mean to us, like this one from Mr Men I’m going to tell you about today. You’ll already know what big fans we are of anything Mr Men and we’re particularly in love with their new range of books from Egmont, which are new stories featuring our favourite characters.

Mr Men My Mummy Mr Men My Mummy

Their book ‘My Mummy‘ has fast become our favourite, particularly in the run-up to Mother’s Day.

Quick kudos here to Elfie, who is literally the only person Hux will have read to her: this hands-behind-the-head-reclining-somewhere-soft-while-he’s-entertained stance is no stranger to him.

Now, we’re going to be apart this Mother’s day – the children are with their dad and I’m on a work trip to Portugal – and when they’re away for longer than a couple of days or we miss these big occasions together I get the irrational fear that they’re going to forget me, or they won’t like me when they return home (ridiculous thoughts, especially as I’m the gatekeeper to our house’s supply of sweets: they’ll always like me for this at least).

Mr Men My Mummy

For this reason I love reading books like My Mummy, getting little affirmations throughout that they really do love and appreciate me.

And on some level, I enjoy being reminded that I actually am a mum: that still boggles my mind on the regular.

Mr Men My Mummy

The last time we read the book together Elfie pointed this page out as her favourite. “This is you, mummy” she said. “Because you always wear really nice clothes”.

I’ll take that!!

One of the loveliest things about this book is that your child can personalise it with all the lovely things they want to say about their mum. I’m not one to sit my kids down and force them to do this kind of thing – they get enough of that at school, I reckon – but I knew if I left it hanging around the house long enough Elfie would take the initiative. Which she did, and this is something I shall treasure for years to come:

Mr Men My Mummy Mr Men My Mummy Mr Men My Mummy

We might not have time to read every single story in the world, but we can at least try!

Mr Men have kindly offered a Mr Men book bundle to a lucky reader of MTT, which will include a copy of My Mummy as well as two more books of your choice. Simply enter below to win!

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Thank you Egmont for working with MTT.

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