6 Modern Technologies I Couldn’t Live Without

Sometimes, to really mess with my childrens’ minds, I remind them I grew up without the internet. THAT’S RIGHT KIDS, no Toys & More on YouTube (though to be fair I could do without Tiana’s dad yelling her name out of the iPad at all hours of the day), no Netflix, no Google Home, no catch-up TV. How on earth did we survive?!

Even I’m not too sure of the answer to that question.

I remember arranging to meet friends via a landline phone and actually having to turn up at the anointed time and place as we had no way to cancel or re-arrange on-the-hop. I remember spending my summer holidays cycling with friends, reading a book a day and playing week-long games of Monopoly with my brother. I remember making my own magazines using my mum’s typewriter, felt tip pens and a helluva lot of imagination. I remember having dial-up internet and communicating via fax and the post at my first office job (I was in charge of the franking machine).

It blows my mind that my kids will grow up with such a different childhood, and some of the technology we use on the daily almost scares me: it’s madness how automated and screen-based our lives now are.

But that being said, there are some pieces of modern technology that I just couldn’t live without:

Modern technologies

Modern Technologies We Can’t Live Without

1. Honey
Honey is my absolute favourite thing about the internet at the moment. It’s a free extension for the Google Chrome browser that reads whichever shopping website you’re browsing and automatically applies all known online discount vouchers to your shopping cart. I recently bought a couple of dresses off The Outnet and saved £55 with a 15% off code, and got the same percentage off a £100 Waitrose shop. Plus you can get cashback from some purchases, too! It’s honestly the best tool I’ve ever installed and I wouldn’t shop without it

2. Google Earth 
One of my newest finds, the Earth View from Google Earth extension delivers to you a beautiful snapshot of a breath-taking place on earth each time you open your browser – the one above is of El Loa in Chile. It’s a much nicer way to open your emails in the morning.

3. Evernote Scannable
If you’re like me, you probably have a scanner. But absolutely no clue how to use it. Evernote Scannable removes the need for a scanner; it’s an app on your phone that uses your camera to ‘scan’ documents that you can then email to yourself or other people. It’s so simple but so absolutely genius and has completely removed the need for me to wrestle with my actual scanner.

Modern technologies

4. Google Home
This post is not sponsored by Google, I promise!  I adore my Google Home and use it almost all-day every day; I stayed at a hotel recently and frustratingly shouted at the bedside radio for an embarrassingly long time before I realised it wouldn’t be turning itself on with my voice like my Google Home. It does so many things for me: plays my favourite songs, delivers the news, reads my kids bedtime stories, wakes me up in the morning, tells me the weather forecast… highly recommended.

5. Starling Bank
Another app, Starling provides a mobile-only bank account, and I absolutely love it as a way to manage my money. You get all the features you’d expect from a normal account but with a brilliant mobile interface, which includes notifications each time you spend money, a daily picture of how your finances are looking and really simple ways to save cash. It makes banking so easy!

6. The Love Island App
I mean, why wouldn’t you? All together, now: “I’VE GOT A TEEEEEXXXXXT!!”

Tell me: which modern technologies would you be lost without? 


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  1. Shouty Ms wrote:

    Hi Alice,

    My nomination is for three great products that I can’t live without.
    First: the Aaptiv app. I don’t know about you, but I used to be rather focus-less in the gym or on a run, just trying to get through an hour rather than pushing myself. Aaptiv puts a personal trainer in my ear, plus a brilliant mix of music. It transformed how I work out – and was responsible for me knocking more than 1.5 minutes off my mile pace. Strongly recommended!

    Sadly, now I’m pregnant there’s less gym, no running and (sigh) lots of swimming. The only thing that makes it bearable is my precious i360 underwater mp3 player – so I can plough up and down listening to podcasts and take my mind off the tedium.

    Finally – I couldn’t live without my Kindle. No more embarrassing tipping the scales over the limit at check-in cos I’ve packed a book per day for my holiday (yes really – what else is there to do on a lounger?!) No more running out of books at the end of the holiday. No more toting hardbacks on the tube. Every 5 minute break is a reading break now. The only downside is being tied to the hardly-ethical Amazon…

    Posted 7.18.18 Reply
    • alice wrote:

      Ooh Aaptiv is an interesting one – I’ve heard loads about it but it’s quite expensive. Would you say it’s definitely worth it? 1.5 miles sounds impressive!

      I’ve also been considering an underwater MP3 player (I find swimming really boring…) so I think this might have to go on the wishlist too. Thank you for your thoughts!

      Posted 7.18.18 Reply
  2. Shouty Ma wrote:

    Definitely definitely worth it! They always have free month offers on so why not try it? I wouldn’t be without it now. Fab spin, stair master, treadmill and cross trainer classes; outdoor runs; strength training, yoga, meditation. Plus programmes such as training for a half or full marathon, and regular challenges, plus a really supportive FB community. Promise I’m not paid to promote!

    The i360 is £40 on Amazon – maybe a birthday present or payday treat? It is w bit fiddly to load (no Bluetooth or WiFi – leads and MP3 podcast downloads only, through a wire from your PC) but so so worth it.

    Posted 7.18.18 Reply
    • alice wrote:

      Thank you – I will definitely give it a try! and the i360 is now on my wishlist :) x

      Posted 7.20.18 Reply