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The majority of people could do with a little more disposable cash. Unfortunately, in this day and age, money seems to slip through the fingers like water. So, for many people having a few simple ideas on how to save the money that you have and making it go further is a great way to have a better life. Making your money go further can have so many mental and emotional benefits too. The most obvious is that it can help relieve stress, and that can have a huge influence in a whole range of other physical and mental conditions. Reducing stress is a reason in itself to save money. Here are a few things to get you thinking:

Be aware of your spending

A lot of people will mindlessly go into shops and pick things up without regard to the price. This can happen on a daily basis until the money in your account hits zero or goes into your overdraft. It is this sort of thing that you can avoid by just a few simple changes. There is no excuse to not know how much money is in your bank account. Anyone with a smartphone has access to a banking app, so it is in your best interest to download one. Every day see how much you have and mentally work out what you can spend. Why not create a budget and stick to it. Perhaps over time you can become more and more strict with your spending by creating a tighter budget. Challenger yourself, and change those mindless habits to conscious ones.

Cash instead of card

Instead of simply tapping your card, why not physically get the money out. That way, it is easier to mentally work out how much you are spending. Physically having the money can serve as a reminder. You will know how much is in your account at the time you took the money out. So try and avoid using the card as much as possible.

Compare prices of essential things

Why not get on comparison sites and compare the prices of all the essential bills. For example, you can definitely benefit from some cheap van insurance. It does not make sense to pay the highest price for the exact same service. This can take effort but is worth it. In addition, check out your direct debits, are you paying for anything you do not use, like that gym membership, but you never go to the gym. Get cancelling things.

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Bargain hunt 

This does not mean buy loads of things just because they are cheap. It means, voucher hunt and use coupons, have a look at deals for things you do use. For example, that holiday you want to go on. Do your research and book early. Also, swap branded items for less expensive alternatives. There are a lot of bargains out there if you are willing to put in the effort and look. Never be ashamed to use a coupon, anything that takes the stress off is worth it.


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