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Mind The Bump

Mind The Bump

This post originally appeared in my old blog,

Ever since my bump has popped I’ve noticed real attitude changes in the way people react to me. Aside from the usual comments from work colleagues (I get at least one remark about how big I’ve gotten every day), it’s fascinating to see the way strangers in the street react to me.

Men, specifically ones around 30 – 40, seem terrified of the bump; they back away from it, with a horrified look on their face. One guy I encountered on the way into Pret a couple of days ago practically leaped out of my way, his eyes fixed on my belly. I think this is down to pregnancy being the great unknown for a single man – a stellar example of this is one of my work colleagues who is terrified of ‘womb juice’ as his calls it.

Builders react well to the bump. I get my morning catcalls and winks, though thinking about this it might be the two expanding lumps above the bump that get them going more than the baby belly?

Mums like the bump – they give me smiles and “good mornings” – I like this a lot more than my builder’s greetings.

My mum LOVES the bump and rubs it like a genie’s lamp when we get together. I don’t mind her touching it and have been lucky enough not to get total strangers put their hands on my tummy, but I’ve heard some horror stories about this. I tend to let people I know (and like) touch it because pregnant bellies are pretty fascinating and they always ask first, but touch it without asking and I might have to bite your hand off.

Finally, I think Will is the one who is most in love with the bump. He gets to touch it as much as he wants and he doesn’t even have to ask first. That’s a good thing because I’m going to get him to take over cocoa butter rubbing duties (really helps with the mad itching).

It makes my back hurt, but I love it too:

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  • Awww you have such a neat little Bump! Keep enjoying yourself and makin the most of it :D

  • You look lovely!

    It is weird, isn't it, how a bump changes things? I was quite pleased to go from looking-a-bit-porky to obviously knocked up (I even made myself a little badge before it was obvious :)), but it seems to make you public property.

    Like you, I don't mind people I know well touching The Bump (with permission) but people I know only slightly seem to zoom in on it too, and it makes me shriek inside my head :).

    • Thank you!

      I was so relieved when I went from looking fat to looking pregnant (though now I realise that happened about 5 weeks after when I thought it did thanks to my lovely work colleagues, “ooh you really look pregnant rather than porky now don't you?!”).

      I've been reading back through your blog and really enjoying it, not long to go! :)

  • It's such a cute bump! I really miss mine and cant wait to have another bump! :)
    I got Jon to rub in cocoa butter several times a day as I got so paranoid about getting stretch marks , unfortunately it didn't work and I got them in the last month – Now I see them as a reminder of my pregnancy and they dont bother me one bit!! :D

    • I've read that it's a genetically determined – so you're either going to get them or not. My mum didn't have them with both her pregnancies so I'm hopeful but not taking any chances!

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