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Travelling To Asia In The Share Economy

Travelling To Asia In The Share Economy


We’re off to Asia!

One of my all-time favourite films in the entire world is Lost in Translation. I watch it around once a month – the last time was on the plane en route to New York – and I just adore everything about it. From the neon lights to the hectic city of Tokyo and the blossom-filled trees, everything about the movies location brings joy to my heart.

But we’re not just going to Tokyo, nope. In our great plan for next Spring (we can’t miss blossom season!) we also want to see Kyoto as well as another jewel in the Eastern crown, beautiful Singapore.

And for this trip we’ve decided to do things a little differently. When we flew to New York for my birthday we stayed in a big penthouse flat on the top of East Village hotel Sixty LES; it meant we had loads of space to spread out in, and I was able to work on-the-hop as I often have to do when I’m travelling. We had desks, a mini kitchen, couches… it was perfect, and I loved how having more of an apartment rather than a hotel room made us feel like locals instead of tourists.

We’d really like to get the same feel from our big Asian trip so have been looking at our options.


One of the brilliant things that the share economy has brought us this decade – aside from the amazing Borrow My Doggy, of course (have you tried it?!)- is the ability to live like locals, even when we’re on the opposite side of the world than our hometowns. And MetroResidences is one of these such sites, a place where you can go to rent gorgeous apartments and homes to make your own for your trip.

What I love about MetroResidences is that their offering is so suited to travellers like me who have to work when they’re on the road. Not only do the properties have the standard sleeping accommodation but you also get everything you might need to work and play in the city you’re visiting – perfect!

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They not only have a website for Japan – the first country we’ll be touring in the spring – but there’s also MetroResidences Singapore, with each individual country’s site catering for the different geographic locations.

And most importantly: their residences are OMGORGEOUS. Each of the photos you can see here are taken from actual apartments: you could really be forgiven for thinking  you’re reading an interior design website scrolling through their inventory rather than properties you’re actually able to rent out.

You can search the site depending on the size and the class (standard, premier and executive) of accommodation you’re looking for and browse through the available properties by photograph. I’m particularly enamoured with the traditional Japanese properties that cater for the whole family: just take a look at this incredible residence in Akihabara, which is in the buzzing, central and convenient Chiyoda ward of Tokyo, a place that sleeps a whopping ten travellers.

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