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BB, Me and 10 Minute Makeup

BB, Me and 10 Minute Makeup


Though BB creams have been around for what seems to be a decade (and in fact, in Asia they have) I’m only recently discovering their power. As a big fan of anything that will allow me to get out the house in 10 minutes but with a face that won’t alarm small children, it’s perfect.

BB cream is a multi-tickbox formula that offers moisture, primer, foundation and concealer in one. It’s a one-stop solution that allows you to get rid of multiple steps in your skincare regime. I’ve been wearing No7’s version, which comes in a couple of variations of skin type and colour and is a pretty reasonable £12.95. It works best for me worn over my day moisturiser (currently Cowshed’s Quinoa Hydrating Daily moisturiser) in tandem with MAC’s Select Cover-Up.

Here’s what it does for me. Be kind, the first photo is an early morning makeup-free one:


You can see I have blemishes on my cheeks and chin, as well as under-eye shadows and  yellow-tinged skin to my eye area. You can’t see so well the pores on my nose (which are rather large). Check those forehead lines: any friendly Botox companies want to offer me some free treatments? No? I might go for a fringe instead.

Here’s my face post-BB cream application and pre-anything else.  You can see how it’s really evened out my skin tone and just made things look a little brighter. It looks like I’ve instantly had 5 hours sleep and gives good base for the rest of my short makeup routine.

And here’s the finished product. See how excited I look at not having crappy skin tone anymore? On top of the BB cream I’ve used my MAC select coverup, BeneFit’s Brow Zings, BeneFit’s Coralista blusher, BeneFit’s Bad Gal Lash mascara and Eight Hour Cream on my lips.

So there it is: the 10 minute face that includes BB cream, the veritable miracle worker. As soon as they bring one out that irons out those creases on my forehead I will be tattooing No7’s logo on myself.

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  • *Rushes out to buy BB cream*

    Mind you, you still look pretty fab sans make up, much less scary than my big old crinkly face first thing in the morning.

    Do you use the Elizabeth Arden cream on your lips?

    • I do! I use it on my eyebrows too, to keep them from being all unruly. In the olden days I used to wear lipgloss and lipstick but it just gets EVERYWHERE now.

  • I think you’d suit a frindge – obviously you don’t need one for Botox-esque effects, but they do help cut back on about 1/3 of the BB cream needed! I seem to be in a constant cycle of cutting one in, growing one out etc

    • Thanks Lizzi! I have curly hair naturally and love a good fringe but it’s a nightmare in the rain. I’ve been thinking about it more and more recently though!!

      • will do! I have a bit of rosacea on my cheeks which is an absolute PITA so I’m hoping this will help cover it, you may well be a life changer Mrs Harold! x

  • Fringes are amazing! I never put any makeup on above my eyes which saves a fortune in foundations etc. And I get ID’d all the time which I’m sure wouldn’t happen if anyone could see my crinkly forehead…

    • I got ID’d the other day, it was wonderful!! Though now I get offended every time I buy alcohol and don’t get ID’d.

  • You have definitely sold BB cream to me although I agree that you are too hard on yourself; you look great first thing. I feel the same about lipgloss now too. I recently discovered rose and almond oil Vaseline in the pink tin which has a v slight pinky tint and smells gorgeous!

  • I am a massive fan of BB creams. I’ve never got on with foundation, it sort of sits on my skin horribly, and tinted moisturiser never did much for me either, but my skin needs help and BB creams have been the answer. I’ve liked every one I’ve tried, including this No7 one. Think my favourite so far has been the Garnier one, though it was a little greasy so I’m going to try the new one for oilier skin they have just brought out. I’m using the Mac one now, which is nice though the colour is very pale.

    I was in Space NK recently and picked up a tube to look at while I was waiting at the counter, and the lady there told me it was one of the original BB creams – called Erborian (had to look at the Space NK website to get that). So I’m going to give that one a go too when I need some more…

    • Ok, when you’ve used all these I want reviews please!! Will try the Garnier one but would be interested to know how the Erborian goes.

    • I don’t know why but ever since I became a mother I’ve become very much into my makeup… must be those eye bags ;)

  • Wow! I’m a new reader poking around your old posts. You look younger now than you did in this picture 4+ years ago!

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