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Mama’s Night Of Bliss

Mama’s Night Of Bliss

The last time I wrote about Bliss products on my blog I mentioned that if I had all the childcare and money in the world I would spend my days going for facials and eating ribeye steak. So when Jenny from Mother’s Meeting sent me an email about a pamper evening for mums at Bliss Spa in Chelsea followed by drinks at the cocktail bar of fancy Argentinian steak restaurant Gaucho I was thrilled that they put together a custom evening just for me. Me and a few other deserving mothers.

If you’re not familiar, Mothers Meeting is an amazing London-based organization for savvy non-twee mums, holding interesting events for creative and cool mamas who want to get together with or without their kids to have fun. If I was still living in London I’d be at each and every Mothers Meeting; I have found it tough to come by ‘my kind’ of people out in the countryside and am not a fan of attending toddler groups to discuss potty training and weaning. My life is regularly saved by Kaisa and Wine Fridays and lunch with Bryony really needs to happen more often.


Adelle gets her nails did

Anyway, a week ago I got the train into London ON MY OWN and sped over to Chelsea for a glass of wine pre-spa with Charlotte. If the night had ended there it still would’ve been the best night out I’ve had in ages, but on we went to Bliss.

I’m not really a ‘city spa’ person, having spent a few days at Champneys, Ragdale Hall and Center Parcs’ Aqua Sana, but I am now a total convert: it was instant relaxation. We robed up and slipped on our flip flops before relaxing in the ladies room for canapés and cocktails. I had the most wonderful oxygen facial by a lovely therapist who immediately put me at ease (awkward beauty therapists are the pits, I’m sure you’ll agree) before having a manicure (they play Sex and the City episodes on TVs) and then Reflexology (another great therapist who would not be pushed when I pumped her for info about their celebrity clientele *ahem* Kylie *ahem*). The spa was thoroughly brilliant with a great atmosphere (I find health spas can sometimes come with the hushed reverence I imagine a 1900s mental hospital to have) and the changing room was insane: equipped with everything you might need from brand new hair brushes to deodorant, moisturizer and even tampons. (Enough brackets)


Beautiful ladies, Bianca and Jenny – photo thanks to Amelia

Feeling fresh of face the dressing gowns sadly had to come off and normal clothes back on for more cocktails over the road at Gaucho Bar Galante. HAPPY HOUR!!

After the cocktails we were poured a glass of delicious Malbec (we went to buy a bottle – £150 – oh – we had the House Malbec instead) and had a great evening manically chatting like only half-cut mothers who have escaped from their offspring for the evening can. I used to spend quite a lot of time at Gaucho’s Greenwich outpost in my old life and their steak is fantastic, I can now say the same for their canapés. Again it’s a place with an amazing atmosphere, all dark surfaces, glittery floors and good looking staff. I will be back when I next escape from the kids.

If you need any more affirmation as to how good my night was: I willingly missed the last quick train home. Meaning I had to spend an hour on the train that stops at 15 stations before mine with nothing to keep me company but a Burger King. And I would do it all again. Great company – great Spa – great cocktails – great evening.


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I hijacked Julia Boggio for a photo (note the post-facial sheen, I mean radiance)

You can see Bliss’s website here or follow them on twitter, you can also check out Bar Galante and follow them on Twitter too.

As for the fabulous Mamas I met that night: Charlotte, Bianca, Alienor, Amelia, Coco, LeilaAfua, Jenny, Adelle, Lucy, Julia Boggio, Julia West, Malika… Such a pleasure.

If you ever wondered what 5 drunk mums on a tube train look like…

HUGE thank-you’s for the wonderful hospitality offered to us by Bliss Spa and Bar Galante! As a treat, Bliss are offering 20% off all full-size products on their website, all you need to do is enter the code ‘MBLG20’ at checkout.

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  • So, its Sunday and I’m sitting at home all frumpy and I read this, with pics! Loud SIGH, lol. Looks like a lovely evening out. Every mum deserves a good pampering from time to time. Thanks for sharing :0)

  • Oooh, what a lovely post to read on a Sunday evening! However, it also made me rather envious so I have had to resort to giving myself a bit of a DIY pedicure to make myself feel better! But at 39 weeks pregnant it was actually not an entirely relaxing process…..bend down, paint, up again, BREATHE!…….bend down, next toe, up again, BREATHE! Ho hum – I shall get to a spa one day, and when that day comes I may have to be forcibly removed from the premises!

    • ME TOO! I painted my nails after writing this. You have my every respect for reaching your toes at 39 weeks… I think I gave up at about 32!

  • Looks and sounds absolutely blissful! I am trying to cram in as many facials/massages/mani-pedis as my skin can take without breaking out. As I know how much I am going to miss my little treats… I am a sucker for beauty treatments. I just can’t help it :-)

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