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Making the Most of This Extended Downtime

Making the Most of This Extended Downtime

Thursday Yoga at Whole Foods

Everyone’s lockdown is different. Some of us are working more than ever as key workers, often risking our own health and safety to help others. Some of us are forced to isolate away from our families to keep them safe because of our jobs. Other people are busy working from home, trying to find ways to stay motivated and productive while working remotely for the first time. Some are busy homeschooling, perhaps around remote work and other responsibilities. Many people are away from work as their businesses are closed down, perhaps worried about their financial situation, or the future of their jobs. Many of us are facing a combination of many of these things. One thing that we all have in common; however, is that normal day to day life isn’t what it was a few months ago. 

We’re all trying to settle into a new way of life, and even if you are still working, you may have more free time, seen as you can’t leave the house, socialise or visit your favourite places as you once would. So, what do you do with all of this downtime? In the first few weeks, it might have been fun, but the longer things drag on, the harder it can become to stay happy in a challenging situation. Here’s a look at some of the things that you could do to make the most of this extended downtime.

Prepare To Start a Business

If you have always wanted to start your own business or hate the idea of returning to your regular employment once this is over, this is, well, an awful time to do it. Business is slow, and even established companies are struggling. 

But, it’s the perfect time to get planning, and to start putting some measures in place. It could be a great time to start creating some stock, ready to launch a store when the economy begins to improve. You could spend time building a website or click here for SEO companies which can help you. You might want to use your time to conduct market research, or look closely at any competition that you may have. You might just want to start thinking about what you want to do and the products or services that you could offer. 

Practice Daily Yoga

If you are struggling without the gym or your usual exercise routines, daily yoga could be perfect. Practicing yoga every day could increase your strength and flexibility, improve posture and circulation and give your mental health a much-needed boost. You might even find that with daily yoga practice, you leave lockdown stronger than you entered it. 

Throw Yourself into Homeschooling

Homeschooling is extremely hard and frustrating, as well as time-consuming. If your children are off school though you may not have any choice. 

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Try to see this as an opportunity that you wouldn’t usually get. Remember, there’s no right way to home school, and you don’t have to follow a traditional curriculum. Have fun, do it your way, and let your children guide you. 

Give Your Body and Mind What They Need

Forget what other people are doing. Forget all these articles you’ve read telling you what you should do. Focus on your own needs. If that means days in your PJs and chocolate in front of the TV, do it. 

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