The Perfect Present for Dad: London Sock Co

As a quick disclaimer: my dad doesn’t usually read my blog but if you can see this Papa, please look away now. I don’t want you ruining the surprise from London Sock Co.

When the aforementioned sock aficionados, the people behind London’s leading sock company, approached me to see if I’d want to take a look at their new Video Gift Box they’d released for Christmas I was like yeah, go on then. My dad is a sock man – I get them for him every year during the festive season, and have shopped at London Sock Co before – but really how lovely could a gift box of hosiery really be? How much could one enjoy a box of socks? How good could such a pedestrian gift actually be?

It turns out: REALLY BLOODY GOOD. Like, reaaaaallly good. So good I have a newfound appreciation for socks.

London Sock Co video gift box London Sock Co video gift box

In short, the London Sock Co‘s new Video Gift Box is genius in its simplicity. You record a video message (in landscape – iPhone quality is fine) and send it over to them (I uploaded mine on Dropbox). Your message is then uploaded to a mini TV screen which is popped in a box with 15 pairs of fine socks, and plays when the box is opened.

My box of socks (I’m trademarking this phrase ;) arrived with me last week, and this is the first time that anything to do with feet has made me weep with joy. We’d recorded a short video to say a big Happy Christmas to my dad as we’re not going to be with him on the 25th this year, and it’s such a lovely thought that he’ll get to open this and see our faces on the big day.

You can have a preview of our video here:

The box has pause and fast forward features – the video after our greeting is a lovely couple of minutes of Brand Ambassador David Gandy talking about the London Sock Co (it’s almost worth buying the box just for this!) – and can be re-charged via a USB port on the side. I’m thrilled and think it really is such a lovely personal way to celebrate the sock lover in your life.

London Sock Co

We chose the ‘Designer’ set which comes in at £200, and the ‘Sartorial’ is £180. You can find out more on the London Sock Co’s website.

Huge thanks to the London Sock Company for sending us this amazing gift for my dad – he will so love it (and something tells me we’ll all be watching this video for years to come!). 


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