“We’ve Got Craaaaabs!” – London Seafood Festival

If you’re mature and responsible enough to be around everything fishy in the culinary world without screeching “WE’VE GOT CRAAAABS!”, London Seafood Festival may well be the one for you.

I am most definitely not that said mature example of a human being, but lucky for me the lovely hospitable souls at Wright Brothers, one of the lead participants at the Battersea Power Station-based festival, seemed to think that was charming.

OK: if not charming, bearable. But if you’re wearing a lobster bib, what’s a little crab joke between friends?

london seafood festival

You get bibs!

London Seafood Festival is the brainchild of my dear friend Jamie Klingler, creator of National Burger Day and mum to the most famous dog in London. Last night I joined Jamie and Robin, one of the founders of seafood merchants and restaurants Wright Brothers, for a small taster of what’s to come from the 12 – 16 June 2019.

We began our evening with fizz (obviously), before moving to oyster tasting, sampling Irish, Cumbrian and Ostra Regal varieties. Then the main attraction arrived: a huge big platter of the most beautiful crab which we were taught to pick our way through before dousing in either melter butter or sriratcha mayo – or, erm, both – and sandwiched between the lightest buttery brioche.

It was, quite frankly, amazing.

london seafood festival


London Seafood Festival

Chatting to Robin and Wright Brothers’s group head chef Richard over platters of velvet and spider crab was wonderful. Professionals who are so obviously completely passionate and knowledgeable about their business, over beautifully matched Five Grain beer I was regaled with tales of crab deliveries, oyster farming and oyster techniques.

They’re still following their original aim of democratising oysters; back in 2002 which was when they discovered Jerome (France’s best oyster farmer) and started their business, oysters were eaten by as select few in expensive restaurants, an experience that was stuffy, formal and not much fun.

london seafood festivalFast forward 17 years and oysters are way more fun for us all. The staff at Wright Brothers test multiple varieties weekly – my absolute favourite were the Ostra Regal, which were smooth and sweet – and at the festival you can do your very own tasting with Wright Brothers’ founders Robin and Ben on Thursday 13th June.

Might I also suggest you check out Wright Brothers’s Crab Shack at London Seafood Festival, a ticketed event that includes your own crab platter with said accompanying brioche, fries and the lovely Five Grain beer (amazing value at £45 per person). I can one hundred percent vouch for this being a fantastic experience.

london seafood festival

If you’re coming to the fetival with kids there’s also real-life mermaids, pint-sized cod and chips, Create Your Own Sea Crown, Miss Ballooniverse and Ocho the Inflatable Octopus.

There really is something for everything!

Check out the London Seafood Festival listings to plan your day: mullet over, book your tickets and have a reely fintastic time! 

Huge thanks to Jamie and Wright Brothers for hosting what was a wonderful evening.


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