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In life people come and go. Your best friend 5 years ago might not be your best friend today, your husband in 10 years might not be your boyfriend right now… life works in funny ways. And in the time I’ve been single I’ve realised how important the women in your life are – I find that it’s wonderful to have a man to support and encourage you in your endeavours but when it comes to inspiration and motivation it’s the female friendships that are important for me.

Which is why I love nothing more than meeting new women who I click with. Women who have the balls to recognise what they want in life and go out and get it, who are full of ideas, warmth, light and love. Lovely Lucy Sherwood of Rock & Raw is one of these women.

Lucy Sherwood

Lucy contacted me a little while ago to offer her services – she’s a jewellery designer, creator of beauty and founder of the fine jewellery company Rock & Raw. I’d been thinking about commissioning a signet ring for ages to symbolise the process of changing my name back after my divorce, and straight away I felt she totally ‘got’ what I was trying to achieve with this ring.

But then work and life (by which I mean working 60 hour weeks so I couldn’t have a life) got in the way and I lost myself in between all the Very Important Corporate Crap I was doing. Happily Lucy did not give up on me and last week we met for breakfast at Triyoga in Soho to discuss jewellery and life.

Lucy started her professional career in TV before becoming a speechwriter for the Lord Mayor of London. After training as a barrister she went into Family law, later working in the field of Human Rights. It was while working as a Solicitor that she met her French-born fiancé Olivier (who she now describes as ‘the brains behind Rock & Raw’). After much soul-searching and along her journey to becoming a dedicated Yogi Lucy began to find her true path and took a jewellery making course.


After making a couple of pieces for her Yoga teacher Lucy started getting requests for jewellery and Rock & Raw was quickly born in September 2014. Since then she’s stayed true to her mission statement of creating beautiful pieces that are unique and spread joy and light; each item of jewellery in Lucy’s collection is hand-made with love and serenity.

I’ve been on my own journey of sorts over the last couple of years and since I visited Thailand in April of this year I feel I have slowly found my path. Lucy’s ethos for Rock & Raw totally reflects that path – it is one of creativity, kindness, serenity, light, spirituality and responsibility. I am a true believer in the fact that those who give love to the Universe will receive it back tenfold and Lucy is a true example of this, her business was founded with love and joy and that still resonates from every single bit of her and her beautiful work.


Because of my tough time recently with the changing of the seasons and Mercury rising Lucy brought me this Full Moon Pendant which I am just in love with. I adore my jewellery but can’t help but be incredibly fussy about what I wear; mine must be of great quality, ethically sourced and be truly meaningful. Rock & Raw ticks all boxes – it’s imperative to Lucy that all her stones and metals are ethically produced – and I truly feel happy each time I clock my necklace in the mirror.

Feeling so inspired from my meeting with Lucy I came home and mind-dumped ideas and plans into my notebook, for one there will be collaborations coming soon with Lucy and I (exciting!) which I am over-the-moon thrilled about. It might sound crazy but something shifted in that hour and a half we spent together; a couple of things clicked in my mind and I suddenly had the clarity I’ve been lacking for the last six months. I think I might have even realised what I want to be when I grow up.


That clarity drove me to Rock & Raw and Lucy’s Clear Intentions Pendant: nothing is more descriptive of the way I feel towards my life at the moment. The rock crystal used in this necklace is known to promote balance, clarity, positivity and love while protecting the wearer from fear and negativity. And while we’re doing a bit of dream shopping there really is nothing more beautiful than this ultimate guardian diamond pendant… so very beautiful.

The Universe doesn’t send people into your life for no reason. In meeting Lucy my intentions, hopes and dreams have become clear and I am looking forward to working towards them. I’m in awe of the wonderful business that Lucy has created with the clearest and kindest of intentions and truly believe that such powerful energy is reflected in the beautiful pieces she produces. And how magical that I will be able to keep a little bit of this feeling forever in a piece of beautiful jewellery.

Rock & Raw jewellery

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  1. Candy Pop wrote:

    What an interesting life she’s had so far… I love the clear intentions pendant. Have a great day!

    Posted 10.20.15 Reply
  2. Lia wrote:

    I love that Full Moon pendant, it’s amazing!! Weirdly, I was just updating my ‘About’ page and I spoke about quitting TV, but what I didn’t say is that for ages I wanted to train as a yoga teacher (still might) and also take a silversmiths class to learn to make my own jewellery… funny / bizarre I should read this today! x

    Posted 10.20.15 Reply
  3. Lucy wrote:

    Alice, I so LOVED meeting you

    And this article is just beyond gorgeous-thank you so much.

    Lia-if you want any advice on that course I am on

    All the best vibes


    Posted 10.20.15 Reply
  4. Fiona wrote:

    I love the triangle necklace, and really really love that it’s all ethically sourced. I’m going to browse the collection now! x

    Posted 10.20.15 Reply
  5. Lori wrote:

    Aww this is so inspiring and I’m so glad that you had such an amazing connection! Also this necklace it a-ma-zing!! Off to check out the colelction now and pop some on my wishlist for crimbo. p.s oh and what is it you want to be when you grow up? x

    Posted 10.20.15 Reply
  6. Fritha wrote:

    OMG I love them and so good that they are ethical sourced. Beautiful and amazing you had such an inspiring meeting after catching up with her. I love it when you meet someone and they just make you feel motivated and creative after being in their company! x

    Posted 10.24.15 Reply