100 things to do before I go.

1. Buy a house I really, REALLY want to live in
2. Appear on TV BOOM!
3. Visit New York again
4. Live abroad
5. Own my own business
6. Make photo albums from 2003 to now
7. Have a baby July 2010
8. Get a degree, or equivalent
9. Write a book
11. Be whisked away to Paris August 2011
12. Learn Spanish
13. Find and cook courgette flowers
14. Have another baby May 2012
15. Settle down in a place I love
16. Own a nice car
17. Learn how to bake and frost amazing cupcakes August 2011
18. Learn how to be more productive
19. Go on holiday in The Maldives
20. Own a pair of Christian Louboutins
21. Discover the secret to beautiful hair
22. Go on holiday to Santorini
23. Read my way through a ‘Top 100’ list
24. Drive across America for at least 3 weeks
25. Take my mum and dad on holiday
26. Find the perfect fake tan July 2011
27. Throw a ridiculously decadent kid’s party
28. Visit Thailand
29. Eat at Nobu Las Vegas
30. Visit L.A.
31. Travel on a plane first class. More than once.
32. Blog on the same site for 5 years
33. Complete the 365 project
34. Learn how to cook really good Mexican food
35. Learn to DJ (and DJ in front of people)
36. Remove money as a concern
37. Eat at 50 Michelin starred restaurants
38. Eat at Noma
40. Maintain a sub-9 stone weight/size 10 figure for at least a year
41. Get fit. Actually, really, properly fit.
42. Go on a foodie tour of Italy.
43. Get rid of all my clutter and keep clutter-free
44. Find a beauty regime I can do every day that doesn’t take forever. (I’m working on it )
45. Visit the Blue Lagoon spa in Iceland.
46. Own an iPad December 2011
47. See Weezer in concert for old time’s sake
48. See Saves the Day in concert for old time’s sake
49. See Dashboard Confessional in concert for old time’s sake
50. Read the Harry Potter books all the way through, one after another. And then do the same with the films.
51. Write one blog post a day for a month
52. Cook my way through Julia Child’s The Art of French Cooking, just like Julie Powell
53. Cook a lobster
54. Visit Japan
55. Change someone else’s life for the better You know who you are, and thank-you :)
56. Open a restaurant, bar or pub
57. Visit Australia and have impractical conversations about emigrating there
58. Have a dog again
59. Live in a house with a freestanding bath
60. Have afternoon tea at The Ritz
61. Go on the Millennium Wheel/London Eye
62. Take Elfie on her first holiday January 2012
63. Get rid of my mummy tummy and those weird bits of flabby skin that appeared when I was pregnant
64. Learn how to use Photoshop properly
65. Take a cookery course
66. Bake real bread, without using a bread machine
68. Live in a place where I can store my clothes so I can see them all at the same time, and not have to hide them in different wardrobes/under the bed (including jewelry, shoes and accessories)
69. Find an eyebrow shape I’m happy with
70. Learn how to dice an onion the right way
71. Go to bed at an appropriate time for 30 days (i.e. before midnight)
72. Re-learn French
73. Visit India
74. Make a list of my 100 favourite books of all time.
76. Grow fresh flowers for my kitchen
77. Become a Shoreditch/Soho house member again
78. Visit Dubai
79. Read a different book to Elfie every day for a month
80. Decorate a bathroom luxuriously, like a hotel bathroom
81. Learn the rules of rugby
82. Cook for a famous person
83. Find the perfect pair of winter boots
84. Watch the top 100 films (The Times version)
85. Watch The Wire all the way through
86. Swim in an insane infinity pool
87. Live somewhere warm and sunny
88. Go horse riding again
89. Take Elfie to Disneyworld
90. Make a concerted effort to do something fun every day for 30 days
92. Get my eyebrows waxed every month for a year
93. Write a recipe book
94. Learn how to make sushi
95. Wear matching underwear for 30 days
96. Read all Harry Potter books to Elfie
99. Have a house with a really awesomely pimped out kitchen (double oven, six ring hob)
100. Cross all 100 items off my life list.