In Lieu Of A Big Long Blog Post

Because – who knew? – commuting into the big city five days a week is kicking my arse in twelve different ways. Getting in at 7.30pm means that all my (limited) remaining creative juices are being sent in the way of my evening freelance work and I’m literally so tired that when I sit down to blog the words just don’t come.

I have a million and one thoughts on the world of work from the eyes of a single mother which I’m sure I will regale you with very soon (try to contain your excitement, OK?), but for now here’s what I’ve been up to, told through the medium of Instagram filters, starting with last weekend…



My current favourite late-night destination: Duck & Waffle. Food, views and a Portugese white to die for. There is seriously nothing better than a midnight dinner date up here taking in the glittering lights of London below. I like to order the Duck and Waffle, obvs. 


…late nights followed by new favourite hangover cure, a (not too) spicy Bloody Mary. Sipped at Broadway Market before a sunny stroll along Regent’s Canal. Pretty blissful, right? 

10369324_1414091762206189_1633602909_n 10387857_847019188660419_371299732_nYet MORE socialising. First it was my lovely cousin’s birthday party in Camden then on to a fancy dinner and tequila with these two lovely ladies: Hannah from Mum’s Days and our friend Alex. We danced our socks off at The Kensington Roof Gardens and it was awesome. 


Sunday rooftop times with Jamie, McNulty and the boys. Coppa Bar & BBQ is a fab sunny day destination just on London Fields; we whiled away a good few hours here. 

10401640_323510991137253_1283417362_n 10358208_675898035815850_280049950_n 10369498_250131868509683_1821598017_nOh, did you know? I’m a commuter now #zzzzzz. Had some painful moments leaving Hux at his new nursery last week “MUMMY! NOOOO! GO BACK IN CAR”… weep. He’ll settle in soon enough but it makes me feel sad that he misses his mama so much. 


 Burger date! Current favourite London burger joints: Byron (Brick Lane… the MK restaurant just isn’t as good) and Meat Mission. MM’s monkey fingers are INCREDIBLE. Still want to try Patty & Bun. 

917109_584193051698527_168808355_n 10326485_742969675765825_1266702626_n

It’s beautiful Bryony‘s birthday today and to celebrate Steph came to stay! We had a boozy blast on Saturday night and I woke up the next morning snuggled up to Steph in my bed. Her husband’s a lucky man, I’ll tell you that.  

10424564_530340167078055_451091934_n 10453664_287465181428149_1681729312_n

Most importantly – getting in some quality time with these two. I have missed them like you wouldn’t believe and seeing their faces when I come home from a busy day is the biggest treat. I’m working hard to make our evenings together count and it’s going to kill me when they’re with their Dad all next weekend. The transition has been tough for them – Hux with his new nursery and Elfie asking where mummy is and why does she have to go to London all day? – but we’re getting there. 

So, tell me: what have I missed?


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  1. I hear you. I hear you. The hardest part for me is keeping my energy going – do you not just want to die sometimes? I hope that, when Bill’s dad can have him overnight, things might get a bit easier. I feel comforted knowing you do this too. I don’t mean that like: “YAY! YOU FIND IT HARD!” But I feel less woe-is-me. xx

    Posted 6.9.14 Reply
  2. Steph (@imcountingufoz) wrote:

    It was SUCH a fun Saturday! And the drive is much more doable than I thought. You guys will have to come daaan saaaaf at some point xoxo

    Posted 6.9.14 Reply
  3. Pinkoddy wrote:

    You sound like you are really living life and packing it in to it’s fullest. I don’t think you have missed a lot.

    Posted 6.10.14 Reply
  4. Honest Mum wrote:

    Well done you for kicking butt, having fun, earning the dosh and being a brilliant mum, gorgeous pictures-you lot are all so beautiful x

    Posted 6.11.14 Reply
  5. Jenny wrote:

    Wow Alice I am so in awe of you and all that you do! You are so strong and amazing mother. You are living life to it’s fullest which is how it should be done because it really is too short. Your kiddies are adorable and they will learn great skills from their Harding working mother as I did with mine. Glad you have enjoyed getting back into the swing of working life soon your new routine will seem more normal. Hux will settle and it will get easier. So proud of you hunny! And looking a yummy mummy to out and about. Is there anything you can’t do. Super woman! Haven’t missed much here, missy moos christening and 1st birthday and planning Bubas 3rd bday and preparing for my two months in America. Finishing the garden and creating a new mini office in the only corner left in my house and preparing for blognix this weekend and britmums next weekend. Designing my business cards for it all and them arriving and me hating them and looking crappy. Missy moo almost walking now. And hats about what sums up me, my life and my latest blog posts. Hahahaha how boring am I? Look forward to seeing you next week and dinner! ;)

    Posted 6.11.14 Reply
  6. Lauranne wrote:

    Look at you kicking ass! Makes me feel like I need to step up!!

    Posted 6.12.14 Reply
  7. Rebecca wrote:

    Sounds like exciting times for you with lots of changes. I’m sure it will all fall into place and will just be the normal routine, in no time.

    Posted 6.16.14 Reply