Kale and Eggs, Just Like Gwyneth Paltrow

I love Gwyneth Paltrow, I really do. Her Podcast series – she has these wonderful conversations with amazing women like Sarah Jessica Parker, Chrissie Tiegan and Ashley Graham – is one of the best out there.

That being said, I still believe the recipes she posts on GOOP, her market leading vagina-steaming lifestyle website, suck most of the joy out of eating.

I mean, I’m all for healthy food, I love it as much as the next pseudo-clean eater. I just believe my healthy diet should come without a side of nutritional yeast, quinoa, or guilt.

But as wonderful Gwyneth is at the dippy eggs with veggies instead of slabs of toast (whyyyyyyy?!) or the Matcha Almond Coconut Smoothie Bowl (I don’t even know what this is), I need some fats and some naughty stuff with my green foods. Which is where the idea for this Kale and Eggs recipe came from – a little bit GOOP, a little bit Alice. Just the way it should be.

Kale and Eggs - a tasty and healthy lunch

Kale and Eggs

Gwyneth calls her greens and eggs a breakfast dish, but to be honest if I’ve pulled myself together enough in the morning to eat a proper cooked meal pre-10am you can be pretty sure that meal is going to be either pancakes or pancakes with bacon. And so I whip this up for a quick 10 minute lunch instead:¬† it’s super fast, super healthy(ish) and super delicious.

I’d put money on the fact this is the way Gwyneth eats her Kale and Eggs when nobody’s looking.

Kale and Eggs

Prep Time 2 minutes
Cook Time 8 minutes
Total Time 10 minutes


  • 3 rashers bacon
  • 2 salad onion, finely sliced into rounds
  • 1 slug olive oil
  • 1 free-range egg
  • 1 handful kale
  • salt and pepper


  1. Start by chopping the bacon into small pieces while you drizzle a healthy slug of olive oil into a large frying pan. Cook on med-high for about 5 minutes or until the bacon starts to brown, and add your salad onions. Cook for another minute.

  2. Add your handful of kale - careful, it'll start to spit. a bit! Stir well so the bacon is covered in oil and starting to cook. 

  3. After a couple of minutes move the kale to the outside of the pan so there's a hole in the middle where the egg can fit. Crack the egg into the hole and cook until done - I like my yolk runny. Sprinkle both salt and pepper on the top to taste. 

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