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It’s a BOY!

It’s a BOY!

And I mean it’s really really a boy; you could see the meat and two veg from across the other side of the room as the sonographer panned around my uterus, though I valiantly stopped myself from making a ‘well endowed like his dad’ joke.

I have to say that I completely expected a girl so the news hasn’t quite sunk in yet. Will has three sisters and I always saw us having a couple of little girls before a boy came along. Girls are safe – I am one, obviously, I feel well within my comfort zone with Elfie and there are no dangerous appendages waiting to squirt you with wee as you reveal them to the cold air. We have no boys names (unless you’d consider Annabel masculine?) and I have a dangerous feeling there will be a severe amount of shopping required to prepare (needs must…).

I feel a bit freaked out – there is a penis growing inside me!

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  • I was thinking girl too! Be prepared for “one of each, aren’t you clever” – I got that once, even though both my girls were wearing pink ;)
    I’m dying to hear his name when you do choose one. Elfie’s is pretty awesome :)

    • I really don’t understand the ‘aren’t you clever comments’ – it’s not like the sex of the baby was intentional! Will HAS been saying how good his aim is though. Oh dear.

  • Hmm, I wonder how I would have dealt with that piece of news all those years ago? Not something I would know how to deal with. Good luck anyway!

  • You’ll be fine. I admit to spending a few months warily eyeing Oscar’s appendage, but you soon get used to it. After two girls I love having a boy. He is wonderful company, very funny and totally alien, but what I love most is listening to him talking to me. His take on life is so very different to the girls. It’s fascinating. Until I had a boy I thought the whole boys will be boys stuff was nonsense, but having a boy growing up in an almost totally feminine environment and being surrounded by frills and pink things has proved no deterrent to his utter boyishness. Everything is for shooting or hitting or bashing, even pink sparkly things.

    Enjoy your son, he will be as delightful as your daughter and in a whole other way. Congratulations xx

  • Massive congratulations hun. It’s weird how you convince yourself your having a certain ‘flavour’ when in reality you have no idea. I was so sure we were having a boy that when she said girl I cried in shock as I’d got so used to the idea of a boy and I was so pleased that I had got my girl as I desperately wanted one at some point. Now next time i would love a boy now I have my girl- your very lucky that your going to have one of each! X

    • I am excited – still getting my head around it as like you said I was so convinced this one was girl flavoured – but excited! x

  • I’ve had two penis’s inside of me now.. I swear the third will be a boy too! Am destined to have nothing but penis’s inside of me.

    But yay for a boy! Snap :) x

    • Oooh Emma I think this is the rudest comment I have ever received! ;) We will have enough for a blogging Rugby team soon x

  • Boys are effing great! I was properly scared about having a little boy, especially after a nice familiar girl, but I wouldn’t trade him for another girl for even a second. He’s such a cheeky little thing and so much fun.

    You’ll LOVE it!

  • Haha your and Emma’s comments certainly made me laugh – boys are fab – well my one experience so far has been cool – just give them food and a little car and they’re set… congratulations Alice – what a beautiful scan x

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