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Introducing Slay, a Happiness Company

Introducing Slay, a Happiness Company

slay life coaching and courses

Pretty much all I want is for everyone in the world to be as happy as I was on this sunny London day above, having my picture taken, pretending to like cappuccinos because that’s what women in stock images do.

They were photographs by the talented SarahLou Francis (I’m on her portraits page, how cool is that?!) snapped for my blog, but save for a couple of posts on Social Media to coo how lovely I thought they were, they haven’t really seen the light of day since.

But I have come to re-visit them time and time again in recent months because they seem to so obviously epitomise the next stage of life.

Let me explain.

I’ve been blogging since I was fifteen and needed an outlet to talk about my feelings about the boy two years above me in sixth form who I was convinced I was in love with. He didn’t know I existed, but I was sure from our daily brushes on the science block staircase that we were mere moments of eye contact away from the rest of our lives together.

We weren’t. Though when I came to that realisation my blog and its built-in community got me through the angst of it.

But unfortunately blogs don’t really do what they once did. It all used to be about community, connection, togetherness. The shared human experience, the rejections from the sixth formers of the world.

These days it feels about metrics and likes and engagement, about sponsorship and networking and terms and conditions. Which has been wonderful, for a time: I’m very lucky it’s brought me an income. But what I’ve made in income I’ve lost in connection and community, and I miss that realness terribly.

This isn’t a post to say I’m giving up blogging. I’m not, for a start (I still need the vent to talk about boys and life and kids and fun!), and I would like to pretend my ego isn’t large enough to think you’d care if I was.

But what I am doing is shifting, changing my business to fit with the times, and to be frank, the thing that interest me most.

The humanness, the connection.

6 years ago I was miserable. I’d just become a single mum and I imposed the responsibility of my happiness on everyone else, waiting for contentment and fulfilment to come to me. I was desperate to make money so became a corporate machine, spending my days plugging away at other people’s business plans, making them money and missing my children.

“Happiness became less of a concept but a mission”

Until I cracked. My alpha-female boss at the Marketing Agency where I was a Director sent me a particularly brutal email at 12.03am and I broke down, exhausted, sobbing over my laptop, whimpering “I don’t want to do this anymore”. Which was when I realised I actually didn’t have to.

I quit the next day and within a year had grafted to build a six-figure marketing strategy business from the comfort of my own home, making sure I was around for every single pre-school pick up and drop off for my kids.

Without the constraints of someone else’s business I began to think with more freedom: happiness became less of a concept but a mission, and I set out to not only work out how I could be successful around my children, but to also become an expert in how one would create happiness for themselves.

Slay life coaching and courses - Alice Judge-Talbot

I started writing about my experiences for The Telegraph, wrote a self-help memoir on the subject and became more vocal about life, love and what it means to be a modern woman. I trained to be a Life Coach and read every book on mindfulness and happiness I could get my hands on. I explored love and life and feminism via the written word, I had impassioned discussions on the above over glasses of wine with friends.

And now I’m channeling these experiences and passions into Coaching and online Courses at Slay: a place to empower your happiest, most successful self.

I’m SO happy to be here, in a place of connection and openness: it feels so right to be pursuing my purpose in this direction. I hope you’ll enjoy the journey to Slay, too.

Read on for more information on how we can Slay together:

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Slay Coaching

Using learned experience (of which there’s been a lot – you’ve read More Than Toast) and trained techniques, one-to-one certified coaching strips you back and uncovers what really drives your happiness and success.

Together we will conquer what’s really holding you back, re-channelling your strengths where they belong and defining your pathway to happy triumph.

I have limited coaching slots available and am releasing these on a first-come-first serve. Get an introductory 10% off with the code ‘LAUNCH’.

Find out more here »

Slay Online Courses

After 13 years in Marketing I’ve learned a thing or two about corporate life, and when I managed to build a £100k at-home business from scratch whilst a) a single mum and b) very tired indeed, I knew I was on to something special.

I’m opening up this knowledge and years of reading every single thing the internet has to offer in my inaugural course.

My first course is for you if you want to launch a brand or business, if your current start-up is directionless, or even if you want to raise the profile of your Etsy shop/eBay store/Instagram account. Basically, if online awareness is your end result, I’m your catalyst.

Take an introductory blog-reading 15% off with the code ‘LAUNCH’.

Let’s Go! »

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