5 Interior Ideas For The New Year

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We’re moving house!

Not today, not tomorrow, but at some point in the next few months it’ll be happening. And, unless I’m thinking about the actual process of putting all our belongings and finding new homes for them, I’m really very excited about my interior ideas.

The house-hunting has been almost as exciting as the fact I get to move in with my partner, and the process has not only been an exercise in nosiness – I literally know everything there is to know about all properties for sale in our corner of Buckinghamshire and Bedfordshire – but a time where we’ve gotten to know each other’s tastes that little bit more.

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We’re really quite different when it comes to our property likes and dislikes. For example, he’s never moved into a house that isn’t completely brand-new and isn’t keen on starting now, whereas I’d love to get my teeth into a more characterful project: merging our two aesthetics has been a journey!

We think we’ve found a solution to our property worries – more news on that as it pans out – and in the meantime I’ve been busy collecting interior ideas for the new year.

Present me with a plain white room and I’ll be scratching my head with no idea where to go.

Which is why it was very timely that I was invited to visit a new development from CALA Homes in Buckinghamshire last week. I went for a tour of the lovely Leonard Gate show home accompanied by CALA’s interior designers from Claude Hooper, bang on time to pinch a whole heap of inspiration for our new place.

I haven’t traditionally been a huge fan of new builds. As I’m not the most creative person in the world I prefer a bit of character when it comes to houses: I need to start my interior ideas with a run and jump, I need existing inspiration.

Present me with a plain white room and I’ll be scratching my head with no idea where to go.

interior ideas interior ideas

So I was really impressed with the magic that Emily Wakefield, Senior Designer for Claude Hooper, had waved over the beautiful Pebworth, otherwise known as Plot 3, at the Leonard Gate development in Grendon Underwood. It was seriously gorgeous!

The bones of the home were lovely – a wonderful family kitchen, fabulous bathrooms and well-proportioned rooms – but it was how they were dressed that we were there to see. Emily took us around the property and talked through her interior ideas and how that translated from her moodboards (i.e. the prehistoric version of Pinterest ;) to life in the Pebworth.

Interior Ideas for the New Year

interior ideas

Use Floor to Ceiling Curtains to Create the Illusion of Space
I was amazed at how big the living spaces appeared in the Pebworth, and Emily talked me through her thinking behind the magnificent drapery. In both the kitchen/living room and formal living room the curtains stretched from ceiling to floor and the outermost corners of the room, meaning they not only created a feeling of space and height but when pulled back they didn’t block any precious light. The affect was astonishing!

interior ideas interior ideas

Create Consistent Themes Throughout the House
Although each room was different I loved how the interior ideas in the Pebworth were all so cohesive. One of my favourite touches were the Mulberry nods: a feature wall of paper in the kitchen and a chair in the living room upholstered in a fabric from the same family. Gorgeous, and both available to buy from John Lewis.

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Have Fun With Your Necessary Areas
One of my favourite rooms in this house was the utility: plastered with a dog wallpaper (also Mulberry Home) it just felt fun. I could immediately imagine myself smiling as I looked at hundreds of doggie heads on the wall every time I threw the kid’s washing in the machine – lovely. This effect would be easily re-created in a downstairs loo, another traditionally boring but necessary room.

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The Devil’s In The Detail
This was more to do with the styling of the house, but was a piece of advice that I like to follow in my own home: the details. I absolutely adore paying attention to the little things that make a house a home and these were so evident in the Pebworth. Fancy hand soaps, lovely stationary, properly good cushions (try Homesense for bargains): they make all the difference

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Don’t Be Afraid of Texture 
I broadcast a quick Instagram story tour of the house when we were wandering around with Emily, and far and away the most popular question I had was: where is that bedroom wallpaper from? And no wonder, it’s gorgeous.

It’s actually wood-based and is a slightly less scarier version of the wood-clad bedroom walls I’ve seen on Pinterest. This one is Thibaut and it’s so warm and welcoming: I loved it.

You can visit CALA’s Leonard Gate development to steal your own version of their interior ideas. They’re at Main Street, Grendon Underwood, Buckinghamshire, HP18 0SH.

This is a sponsored post: huge thanks to CALA for working with MTT.

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