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Interesting Ways To Decorate A Child’s Room

Interesting Ways To Decorate A Child’s Room

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One of the trickiest things I found about having babies was knowing what to do when it came to the decoration of the nursery.

As a mother who is staunchly against the old ‘blue for a boy, pink for a girl’ trope, when I found out I was having a baby of the female kind I immediately knew I didn’t want to splash her bedroom walls with pink and glitter. I wanted to nurture and mould her individuality from the beginning, teach her that just because she is a girl she didn’t have to gravitate towards fairies and unicorns.

(Obviously, my daughter is one of those kids who automatically gravitates towards fairies and unicorns, but I’m pretty sure that’s not because of how her bedroom is decorated).

And so I like to think I know a bunch about decorating children’s bedrooms – in non-‘pink and blue’ ways. We’ve tried all sorts in our homes and had some real fun doing it, too!

Here’s how I’ve decorated my nurseries and kids’ rooms to make things a bit more interesting for the most important people in the family.

Pick a Lovely Bed
The cornerstone of any bedroom is, of course, the bed. I’m a fan of choosing beds in neutral colours – I like either the white or grey Sweet Dreams cabin beds at Children’s Bed Shop – and these have the benefit of being excellent for storage, too (always a plus when your kids get into LEGO/Shopkins/Playdoh).

Go Monochrome
Over the years, my favourite colour scheme in my children’s bedrooms has been good old monochrome. It has the benefits of being easy to execute as you can always find sheets and decor in the colours required, and white makes any room look bigger (interiors 101!). John Lewis is a great option for monochrome bits and bobs, though I love trawling online shops to find small creators who offer similar (support small businesses!).

Taste The Rainbow
This is in direct contrast to my monochrome advice, but it’s true there’s nothing that kids (and adults, if they have anything about them) love more than colour. Rainbows are king in a child’s world, and where better than to feature than in the room that’s most important to them? Take a look at Pinterest for some gorgeous rainbow inspirations.

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Use Texture
Any advice you’re given for the decoration of your home applies to the nursery as much as it does to the lounge, dining room or kitchen. And, taking a hint from a technique I use throughout the home, texture is one thing I like to introduce in my kids rooms.

There are so many different ways you can do this: rugs on top of carpets works well, different kind of surfaces (we use chalk boards in my son’s room to give interest to the wardrobe and toy boxes), and cushions and blankets a-plenty. My all-time favourite way to add texture to a bedroom, though? Sheepskin rugs. They go anywhere – beds, chairs, floors – and give a really lovely sumptuous feel to any bedroom.

How do you decorate your children’s nursery?

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