5 Inspiring Mums to Follow on Instagram

There’s nothing I love more on a grey drizzly morning than a bit of an Instagram pick-me-up. It’s far and away my favourite of all the social networks and is such a tool of inspiration: be it food, home, clothes or beauty, I absolutely adore a quick browse or twelve during the course of my working day.

Motherhood is by design a bit of a lonely business and Instagram is such a wonderful way to connect to other mums on your wavelength with not an awkward toddler group, drafty church hall or stale biscuit in sight. It’s been such an amazing way for me to make friends and stay in touch with people I wouldn’t otherwise have time to speak to on a daily basis, like my pal Lyndsey in New York or much-missed Neva in Jersey, and is a place I’ve discovered a whole spectrum of happiness and inspiration that I never would have come across otherwise!

Have a browse through these lovely lot below: they’re guaranteed to brighten and inspire your life as much as they do mine, plus they all come totally Spider-man approved. When it comes to Instagram, what more do you need than a superhero’s stamp of approval?

Hannah – hannahfgale
Hannah is one of the most stylish mums-to-be I’ve ever seen. I absolutely adore her account full of positivity and honesty, and her blog is so funny and refreshing to read – she’s one of those bloggers who just feels incredibly real (#bloggoals). And as a bonus she gave away all her Instagram editing secrets recently, shhh ;)

I first started following Nicky after seeing her tagged on The Frugality’s Instagram account: they’re sisters. Nicky has the most incredible scandi-influenced home aesthetic, think lots of marble, dusky pink and greys. And with a new baby due any day now her account is about to get approximately 15% cuter.

About two years ago I had, like, three friends in one week tell me I needed to follow a hilarious instagrammer, Cara Sutherland, because we had the same sense of humour. And so I did what I was told and it took me a couple of days to twig that we’d actually gone to school together! We weren’t friends then – she was two years above me so that would have been social suicide for her – but it’s so nice that we now have so many mutual friends and interests. And no social suicide in side. Cara’s stories make me happy and she has the most beautiful style.

I’ve known Alison for what feels like years now and her achievements and work ethic never fail to inspire me. She’s a magazine editor turned family lifestyle blogger, freelance writer and runs a chart-topping podcast, too. If you’re not exhausted by that list of strings to her bow, give her a follow for the most colourful feed around.

Sarah sarahakwisombe
Sarah is a designer, businesswoman, keen traveller and mum with the most incredible aesthetic and sense of style. I love to follow her for her boundless energy, gorgeous photography and home makeovers, plus she has a hilarious sense of humour. She’s one to look up to for sure.

Who do you love to follow on Instagram? Tell me your favourites!

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  1. Victoria wrote:

    Great post, I’ve found some great new mums to follow. Just so you know for some reason the iamalisonperry link is taking me through to the natural deodorant insta page. It could be my browser playing up but just thought I’d let you know as well :)

    Posted 1.9.18 Reply
    • alice wrote:

      Thanks Victoria – that’s definitely not Alison, I’ve changed the link!

      Posted 1.9.18 Reply