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What I’m Listening To Right Now

What I’m Listening To Right Now

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Much like 95% of the population, I’m pretty into music. I saw my first band at the age of 15 – Weezer, supported by Remy Zero, at the Manchester Apollo in 2002 – and can still remember how amazing it felt when they took to the stage and started playing (“My Name Is Jonas” was the very first song FYI, it still give me chills).

Music saw me through a lot when I was a tortured teenager: The Get Up Kids, Saves The Day, Dashboard Confessional, Blink 182, Brand New. And then off to University and the Indie Music Society where we listened to The Smiths and The Cure and I was introduced to The Strokes and The Libertines. Basically if there was a ‘The’ in front of it we were in to it.

In a nutshell, music has got me through a lot of times. Breakups, happy times, teenage angst. Every chapter of my life has had some sort of musical soundtrack to it and I reckon that at any time a quick browse of my account will be able to tell you what sort of mood I’m in. If it’s John Mayer, John Legend or Anthony Hamilton the mood will be loved up: Radiohead or Weezer is teen angst revival: Michael Jackson, Beyonce or N.E.R.D. is Friday kitchen dance party times. I’m an open book.

So I thought I’d share the current favourites in my world. The songs I force the kids to listen to over and over until they roll their eyes and say, “not this song again mummy?”. It’s a unique poke into my weird and wonderful music tastes:

Cheating a bit: Sigma normally gets blasted on the treadmill but it’s also an awesome Friday kitchen dance party tune. Also, how much do you want to be on a beach right now?

Originally part of the Teen Angst Era, I recently re-visited my love for Ben Folds. This is one of my most favourite love songs in the whole wide world.

Denmark blatantly should have won Eurovision last night. This has been on repeat for the last 24 hours.

Another amazing love song… I could link to the music video but the proposal video that featured the song is just so much better. Betty Who sang at their wedding, did you know that?! HAPPY WEEP.

Because when I grow up I want to be Beyonce.

See Also

This song taught me I am able to harmonize. With myself. When I’m driving the car. And I’m convinced I’m way better at miming than these guys.

If I can’t be Beyonce then I want to be Chrissy Teigan. Her and John Legend = ultimate beautiful couple. I love this tribute to her.


What are your favourites? Gimme some new music!!

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