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Illness, Baby Cuddles and Britney.

Illness, Baby Cuddles and Britney.

Whenever Elfie is ill I get the overwhelming feeling of “it’s not fair”. When she had a bug as a baby it was all whinging, taking blood sugars, constantly checking temperatures and days in hospital. Thankfully now she’s older, stronger and we know her condition inside-out we no longer need to do the dash to casualty but there are other reasons why a poorly Elfie pulls on the heart strings.

She can speak, for one, and when she’s ill she talks in the most pitiful way. I challenge any one of you to not melt when she’s reclining on the sofa saying “mummy, poorly. Cuddle?”. It’s delightfully heartwrenching.

Luckily my mum was able to take Hux for the day yesterday, and as horrible as a night of vomiting interspersed with fitful sleeping with Elfie in the spare bed was (she made me sing The Wheels On The Bus for HOURS), we spent the whole day cuddling on the sofa with Peppa Pig and it was a really lovely time.

She let me take her into the bath and wash the sick out of her hair (nice) and then we dried off in front of the fire and sang yet more Wheels On The Bus. She fell asleep snuggled on my chest and I managed to reach the remote and flick to catch up on the X Factor USA. An hour of blissful cuddles and Britney Spears (is it just me or does she still seem slightly unhinged?).

Elfie’s feeling a lot better today – though still napping lots and Peppa on loop – and I’m looking forward to her being back to her normal happy self. Saying that I have enjoyed this time with her, I think because seeing your babies grow up is so bittersweet. They’re quickly growing into such independent little things and being needed for ‘baby cuddles’ once more feels very special.

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  • Glad shes doing better now. It’s amazing how much Peppa Pig can help an ill child! My son is obsessed with that show!

    My son is in a real cuddly phase right now but he went through a long stage a while back when he didn’t really want cuddles. As much as I hated seeing him ill, I did also make the most of how much he wanted to be in my arms when he was sick at times. We have to make the most of it whilst they still need us mummies!

    Ps. yes, Britney does still seem a little unhinged. I swear she’s dazed most of the time!

  • Poor Elfie. Glad she’s feeling a bit better. I know what you mean about ‘poorly cuddles’ . They are bittersweet, so nice to get special cuddles with them and be able to comfort them but sad seeing them poorly! xx

  • I know exactly what you mean about savouring the cuddles. Glad Elfie is on the mend. I too have been having a sneaky watch of the X Factor USA. Unhinged or not I’m still a fan of Britney on the show, she’s been through it all so knows the ultimate highs and lows of pop-dom.

    • This is true! She makes the best faces, too. LOVE the X Factor USA. Compared with the UK version, the US’s talent is in a different league.

  • glad to hear she is better and, yes, when they start to describe the pain, it feels heart wrenching but it is also so nice to do cuddle days. G slept on me when she was ill and it so reminded me of the baby days…aww x

  • Poor Elfie. Glad she is better and lucky you that you got to cuddle with her in front of the fire! I don’t think my 11 month old has sat still on my lap since she was a newborn and I miss the days of her snoozing with her head on my chest. Good to know these days are not gone forever!

  • I’m a bit behind on my blog reading so I hope Elfie’s all better now. My baby boy was poorly last week. It was just a cold but it was still horrible watching him suffer. It was nice though that he just wanted lots of cuddles and to fall a asleep snugged up on my chest.

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