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Seeking Winter Sunshine at Iberostar Cancun Star Prestige

Seeking Winter Sunshine at Iberostar Cancun Star Prestige

iberostar cancun star prestige

My six-year-old son is obsessed with snow. I mean, obsessed. We have Google Home devices throughout the rooms of our house and he’s constantly probing it with the question of when, exactly, it will snow in our postcode.

And if he doesn’t get the right answer? Which is that it will snow at some point in the next five minutes, if not sooner?

“Why, mummy? Why why why? Why won’t it snow today/tomorrow/a week on Tuesday? If Google says it’s one degree where is the snow? Why mummy? WHY?”

Repeat ad infinitum, until he exhausts himself so much with snow chat he goes to sleep or I launch the Google Home out the window. Which, OK, hasn’t yet happened, but I have taken that small talk-y device and popped it somewhere high so that my snow fanatic can’t reach it.

iberostar cancun star prestige

The constant chat of snow in January always has the effect of making all the inhabitants of my house feeling pretty chilly. As if the dark and dreary month isn’t hard enough as it is we are all left craving warmth and sunshine, two things this month is sadly in short supply of.

And as hard as I try, sitting in front of the fire with a SAD lamp and Malibu and Coke doesn’t quit have the ‘Pina Colada on a tropical beach’ feel I’m after.


Which is why January is the absolute perfect time to book a holiday. Not only do you have the benefit of, you know, booking a holiday, but it means you can well and truly stick two fingers up to frosty mornings as you start your sunshine countdown.

This shivery January I’ve been planning a trip to Cancun; I’ve never been to Mexico before and have always really fancied the colours, the fiesta and the food of the country. And yes, it must be said, the tequila, too!! And for all this grown-up fun I’m looking to go to Iberostar Cancun Star Prestige, a new five-star vacation experience on the beautiful shores of Quintana Roo.

iberostar cancun star prestige

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An adults-only hotel (heaven!) where all-inclusive meets prestige luxury, this concept resort promises a stunning new take on Cancun. Here you will find enhanced suites and elegant lounges with multiple food choices and exclusive beach and pool areas. With a private beach and VIP treatment you’ll spend your days reclining on Balinese day beds, leisurely paddling to the swim-up pool bar or topping up your relaxation at one of the best spas in Cancun. Or, if that’s not enough and you crave a little more privacy with your luxury you can retreat to the private whirlpool tub on your balcony, which many rooms have.

Not only do you get all this at the Iberostar Cancun Star Prestige but you will also have access to the Iberostar Cancun, a neighboring family resort: double your dining, sports and entertainment options by hopping over to another one of Cancun’s most popular resorts!

If long-haul isn’t your thing then a) you’re mad and b) that’s OK! You can find Iberostar’s 5-star luxury closer to home at the beautiful Iberostar Llaut Palma resort. And with the mercury hitting 23-25 degrees C in May, you don’t have to hang on til summer to find your Vitamin D, either.

I’ve already thrown my SAD lamp out – bring on the sunshine.

This sponsored post is in partnership with Iberostar.

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    • Hi Georgina, I’m a bit puzzled at your comment as this is the first sponsored post in a month?
      Unfortunately I don’t have the resources to create endless content for your consumption for free so these ads support me and my family. Do feel free to skip past if you don’t enjoy them, though!

  • Ha ha, someone got their wish – snowing where I am today!
    I shall look forward to this holiday review. I quite like your ‘travel’ pieces, & since I have never taken an adults only trip since having kids (I mean holiday without the whining rather than keys in the ash tray!) I shall read this with much interest.

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