I worry, part II

This post originally appeared in my old blog, www.the-alice.co.uk

Brilliant news – I think my first trimester exhaustion is on its way out. I can’t even begin to describe how debilitating I have found this, the strain on my brain felt enormous and I had so many “I can’t do this anymore” wobbles. It was a massive shock; I was prepared for morning sickness but nobody warned me about the bone-crunching fatigue. After six weeks of hell I am SO GLAD it’s over.

Bad news – the exhaustion has been replaced by insomnia. All week I have been awake til at least 4am, though it was 5am on Sunday and Tuesday. I’m putting it down to the stress of moving house tomorrow as Will is in charge, therefore I do not get to be a control freak. It’s disconcerting – nagging is my forte and I’m lost without it. We’re going down to the estate agents this evening to sign paperwork and pick up the keys, tomorrow I will leave our lovely De Beauvoir flat for the final time and return to our new Muswell Hill abode. Need to make the most of the 15 minute commute one last time.

Aside from the moving worry, I seem to have a whole host of baby-themed concerns buzzing round in my head in the early hours. Last night, these included:
a) how do I get a new baby in a pram down lots of steps on to a train platform?
b) how do I get a new baby in a pram up and down the escalator on the tube?
c) can I wear high heels when I’m carrying the baby or will it mean I drop it (I’m not great at balancing)?
d) how do I watch out for dog poo when I’m pushing a pram? How do I clean dog poo off pram wheels?
e) how do you get baby sick out of silk?
f) how can I justify buying the £60 sweater dress I like in American Apparel?

As you can see, it’s really serious stuff. Send help.

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  1. Train & tube – you make sure you have an extra light pram. You realise it is still too heavy. You rely on the kindness of strangers – you realise there is no such thing. You grab a strong man and force him to help you.

    Heels – babies are light, heels are fine. When they start running around, get some lower heels.

    Sick on silk – that rarely happens. Never happened to me ONCE.

    Dress – just buy it.

    sometimes, even when pregs, you gotta say “fuck that baby” and live your life normally :)

    Posted 1.7.10 Reply
  2. a) You have to ask for help, I am afraid. You’ll realise even more that people are not very polite
    b) I used a Baby Bjoern for those kind of trips. Baby loved it and fell asleep as soon as strapped into the carrier. Plus: no chance of going down the escalator at Angel with a pram!
    c) I didn’t feel like wearing heels for about… ahem… I still don’t feel like it. It’s ballet pumps and biker boots for me now
    d) Haha. There’s dog poo on one of the wheels EVERY time I go out. You’ll have wipes in your bag anyway. Just wipe it away before entering your house. Messy, I know, but you’ll get used to it.
    e) Dove Silk Shower Wash. It even gets out poo stains from the baby’s clothes. And there’ll be quite a few…
    f) Buy it and start looking at freelance work. It’s kind of buying a suit for a job interview ;-)

    Posted 1.10.10 Reply
  3. Alice wrote:

    Great advice, thank you ladies!!

    Met Mum – I think I’m definitely going to invest in a Baby Bjorn, that will definitely ease a lot of my dropping-the-baby worries. And Dove Silk Shower Wash is now on my shopping list!

    Posted 1.12.10 Reply