Hux Turns Two

IMG_1509 It’s been a busy time over at ours these last couple of weeks. Hux had a birthday and turning two meant that he can start going with Elfie to pre-school a couple of days a week. Where has my baby boy gone? 4c054d8ea18a11e192e91231381b3d7a_7The night before his second birthday I went up to Elfie and Hux’s shared bedroom to tuck them both in. Hux was stark naked as he always is when left alone for more than five minutes, save for a pair of sunglasses that he was totally rocking in his sleep. I scooped him up and snuggled into his little naked neck, thinking of that week we spent in the hospital getting to know each other two years ago, when he was a newborn. Those times we spent with him on my chest, snoozing and cuddling, they were just amazing. Ward of six women who’d just given birth notwithstanding. I remember telling him all about the world he’d just entered, whispering into little downy ears that it was his for the taking. I told him the same thing last night and kissed his neck as he slept; as I put him back to bed (didn’t want to get pee’d on. Again.) and strapped a nappy on his little bottom he murmered “hold me, mama” and it melted my heart.IMG_1601 That’s the thing about this little man. He’s a real rough and tumbler when it comes to getting dirty at the park or playing with the older boys – he can hold his own with a four year old – but deep down he always likes to come back to his mummy for a cuddle. Apart from that once when he cried for his Grannie at the front door for fifteen minutes after she’d dropped him off. Way to break my heart, Hux.

IMG_1474At the age of two this little man is still a comedian. Nothing is funnier to him than a sound of a fart, he’s a real chatterbox and will parrot everything you say back: “get in car! Leave shoes on! Eat your dinner!” He’s always been a babbler and able to identify things (in particular cats and birds, which are often called ducks, and CARS!) but it’s incredible how much his vocabulary has come on in the last couple of months. I put that down to the conversations he has with Elfie – those two can sit and chatter along for ages.

Looking back to Elfie at this age, she and Hux are as different as night and day. She was placid where he is excitable, he is boisterous where she was delicate. He’s forever where he shouldn’t be, rummaging in the cupboard under the sink, trying to put (non-toxic) kitchen cleaner in his hair. He invites mischief into every aspect of what he does and I’m FOREVER having to change his outfit thanks to him attracting dirt like a magnet.


Hux trotted off to pre-school for his first full day (which is actually only 3 hours) yesterday morning as happy as Larry, just as his sister did a year ago, He’s starting younger than she did but the energy this boy has – wow. He is going to love his two mornings a week playing with his new friends. I arrived ten minutes early to pick him up today (proud slash worried mama) and although he was having a ball it was kind of nice that he started asking for me when he saw me through the window. I missed you too Hux!

925002_667227803350234_2047922084_nWe had a low-key second birthday: we were both woken up at six thirty by the sound of Elfie saying “Hux! Hux! It’s your birthday! Wake up! You are TWO!” We opened presents (Hux was very pleased with his new road rug and cars) and had a special breakfast of Pain Au Chocolate before we took Elfie off to school. And then it was funtime… cake baking, sandwich making, Pimms preparing. I’d invited my two closest mum friends to join us for a little birthday tea party and lucky for us the weather was absolutely glorious. Huge thank-yous to the lovely people at Vertbaudet who sent us a party in a box; nothing makes you feel festive like spotty paper plates and cups and party bags!

IMG_1592 IMG_1595We sat on blankets in the garden talking about mum things (schools, poo, tantrums ;) as the kids played and it was lovely. I can’t speak for Hux but I’m pretty sure he had a ball too, chasing after baby Georgiana and pushing his new cars around.


The cake this year was a simple Victoria sponge with raspberry jam (remember the Rainbow Cake massiveness?!) which was really enjoyed by everyone. Including me, for breakfast, three times since Friday. Oops.

Happy Birthday to my most favourite boy in the whole world. Hux, you are turning out to be someone rather special! I can’t wait to see where you are in another two years.

PS: finding out I was pregnant with Hux, Hux’s birth, Hux turns one, Elfie at two

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  1. Jenny wrote:

    Happy 2nd Birthday Hux!!!! You are truly adorable and I hope you got completely spoiled rotten on your lovely special day. Alice it goes so fast doesn’t it? I can’t believe it. And with my second I feel it has gone even faster!!! Buba will be three in August and Missy Moo 1 next month. AWWWWW! Where have our babies gone! I love all Hux photos photos here so cute!! You can see his little personality starting to shine through as he gets older in his photos. So lovely what a great post as always. #bloglove

    Posted 5.20.14 Reply
  2. Happy 2nd birthday Hux, I can remember the day he was born like it was yesterday weirdly. where has the time gone? x

    Posted 5.20.14 Reply
  3. Lizzi wrote:

    Those first two years are so amazing. He has become a real little person now and off into the big world he goes! I keep hearing that boys give the best cuddles – can’t wait! X

    Posted 5.20.14 Reply
  4. Aww happy birthday Huxley!
    This is making me so sad thinking about my little Huxley growing up. He’s 7 months tomorrow and I have no idea where that time has gone! I think I’m going to be an uncontrollable wreck when he turns 1!

    Posted 5.20.14 Reply
  5. WallyMummy wrote:

    Aww x what lovely photos! It’s nice to look back too isn’t it ;) HAppy BIrthday to your little boy xx

    Posted 5.22.14 Reply