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Hux At 14 Or 15 or Maybe 16 Weeks?

Hux At 14 Or 15 or Maybe 16 Weeks?


Every time someone asks me how old Hux is I feel terribly guilty. I look a bit crazed and panicked and say “uhhhh” a lot, because I don’t really know. When I had Elfie I knew exactly how old she was down to the weeks and days, but now all I know is Hux is somewhere around 14 or 16 weeks. Sorry, Hux.



Anyway, despite me being a bad mother for this part Hux is pretty much still an absolute dream baby. He is so relaxed and chilled and is lovely to see how happy he is. He rarely cries and only really grizzles for wind and hugs, and also if his big sister pokes him a little bit too hard.

Hux is still exclusively breastfed which I am mega proud of, bar 3 bottles of formula he had when we were at a wedding last weekend which I was initially pretty gutted about. I busted my bum expressing for a week and a half beforehand to the extent I was constantly starving hungry and knackered (and I lost an extra pound?!) but it just wasn’t enough. I’ll be leaving him soon for a whole two nights (SOB!) so as we know he will take formula I’m not going to get myself worked up about expressing as much and will chill out about him having formula for those two days. I’m more concerned about expressing regularly whilst I’m away to maintain my supply as I seriously don’t want to give up breastfeeding just yet. I love it.



Initially bottle feeding was a bit of a nightmare and we had a terrible time at a (different, local) wedding reception a few weeks ago: we had to return home after an hour and a half as he wouldn’t take the teat. We have however discovered that he’ll take a bottle if we gently warm the teat in a bit of boiling water first (and let it cool, obviously), which has been a lifesaver. It’s a big load off my mind to know that if we fancy going out for a bit of couple time then we don’t worry about him not eating.

Hux is hugely loved by Elfie and we all call him ‘Bubby’ as that is what she insists is his name. She hugs and kisses him every morning and he is the first thing she asks for when she wakes up. She gets a right strop on when you tell her she’s not allowed to carry him and she’s always putting her toys in his lap. It’s very cute. She also loves helping to change his nappy (“Bubby poo! Bubby wee wee!”). He’s just started being more aware of her and give her huge gummy grins which we all love and I hope they’ll have a close relationship as they grow up.


Sidenote: he’s discovered his hands! (See above). He was soooo thrilled the first time he noticed them. As you would be. 

Speaking of poo, weirdly one of the things Hux LOVES is to have his nappy changed. As soon as you undo his clothes he starts to giggle and if you take his vest off to change his clothes – wow. The boy likes to be naked, that’s for sure. Unfortunately as much as he likes a cool breeze on his skin he hates water so bathtime is pretty traumatic, so at the moment I’m limiting him to a quick dunk in the kitchen sink (though Elfie’s desperate for him to bathe with her).



So aside from the bathing he’s pretty much a perfect baby. Now if we could just crack sleeping for more than four hours I will be ecstatic. At least for now he does it in his own bed. Erm, mostly.

PS: I just looked it up. He’s 15 weeks old!


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