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How Your Business Can Benefit From a Mobile App

How Your Business Can Benefit From a Mobile App

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It is thought that the average Briton spends around three hours a day on their mobile device (I’m shocked it’s not more, tbh ;).  

We already know that a  massive proportion of that most of that time is spent on social media apps such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, but everyone who owns a smartphone will use other apps at times.

Large chain grocery stores to smaller businesses such as hairdressers, coffee shops and even from-home companies now have their own apps. People pay bills, do their shopping, do research and do all matters of things on mobile apps.  If you are one of the few businesses that do not yet have an app, you are running the risk of falling behind your competitors. Here, we look at how having a mobile application for your business can not only benefit your customers and clients but you and your business as well.

It Offers Increased Visibility and Exposure

As we mentioned above, the American people and people all over the world spend a significant amount of time on their phones, tablets or other mobile devices, and while they may only visit a one or two apps or websites during that time, they will still be looking through their phone to find them. Even if they do not click through to your app, they will see it. To capitalise on this, you need a well-designed app graphic. This will catch their eye and leave an imprint in their mind, even if they do not realise it,  and they will remember you in the future when they need it.

It Creates A Direct Channel For Marketing and Advertising

An app can serve a whole platitude of functions. If it is well designed, it can provide vital information about your business, prices for products and services, allow them to book services or buy goods, get in touch with you, search for information, join in with forums, follow a news feed and so much more.

When they are on a desktop website, they have to click about a lot more and may be tempted to look around at competitors.  By having an app, it is all in one place, making it a whole lot easier for your customer to get what they need from you and complete the transaction.

They can also opt-in to receive push notifications, so they can be updated with the very latest information and offers from your business. It is essential to make sure your app is clear and straightforward to use. An app development service such as can help you to get the very best out of your application.

It Enables You To Build Brand Recognition

One of the most important things for a successful business is to build brand recognition. As well as having an app that is trouble-free and simple to use, and gives your customers the key information at their fingerprints, you also want it to look stylish and professional at the same time to represent your brand and its ethos,  and create recognition of what you are all about. It is thought that people need to see adverts and logos or hear about your company around twenty times to be able to recognise it and remember it when needed. This is known as ‘effective frequency’. By having an app, you are giving your brand additional exposure and speeding up this process.

It Rewards Your Customers For Their Loyalty

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Loyalty programs are big business these days, with more and more people choosing to give their money to companies, whether big or small, who reward them for returning to them. If you do have a loyalty program, this makes an excellent addition to a mobile app. It saves your customers from carrying around a wallet or purse full of loyalty cards or store cards, which are usually forgotten about or misplaced, and you can remind them to input their details.

If you have a physical shop, you can use the app to nudge people into them, if they have enabled their location settings and push notifications. As well as that, you can really make the experience personal to your customers. If they have inputted their details, you can refer to them by name and send personalised messages to thank them once they have completed a transaction.

You should always start off with a decent, functioning website. Once customers are aware of you, encourage them to download your app and keep them coming back to you time and time again.


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