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How to Visit More Places While on a Budget

How to Visit More Places While on a Budget

18 Hours in Lisbon

Travel is often viewed as an inherently expensive pursuit. And there’s something to this: it costs more to move from one place to another than it does to stay put. Plus, there’s the cost of accommodation, entertainment, and eating out.

Despite this, there are ways to economise. Taken individually, these might not make much of a difference to your overall spending. Cumulatively, however, they can have a big impact. Let’s take a look a few different means of slashing your travel costs, and thereby visiting more places.


If you fail to plan for your break, then you’ll end up making impulse purchases on the way. These inevitably will amount to more than you’d otherwise have paid, because tourists pay a premium for convenience. If you haven’t booked your airport transfers ahead of time, for example, you can be assured that you’ll spend more when you finally reach your destination.

Travel Off-peak

The higher the demand for the services you need, the higher the prices that operators will charge. If you take a train midweek, then you can track down a cheaper deal than if you’d done so at the weekend. For much the same reason, sunny holiday resorts in the Mediterranean will be costlier during the school holidays than in late September.

Avoid Souvenir Shops

Tourists are often tempted into buying cheap tat for rip-off prices, just so that they can have something to pin to their fridge and demonstrate that they’ve been somewhere. If you’re visiting a dozen places on a single trip, costs like this can quickly escalate. If you absolutely must pick up something, then be sure to haggle.

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Stay Domestic

While an overseas holiday might seem more exotic, the fact is that it’s often more expensive: because of the cost of travelling further by plane, but also because of the inoculations, health insurance, and paperwork you might need. That’s before we even consider the time it takes to get to a foreign country! The United Kingdom has a wealth of cultural and historical interest that you might not yet have been exposed to, and you can see many of them in a single trip. You might catch a train from Brighton to Portsmouth Harbour, for example, and still have time to see Southampton on the same day.

Stay with Family

Accommodation will account for a significant chunk of your travel expenditure. If you elect to stay with family and friends rather than at a paid-for hotel, hostel or bed and breakfast, then you’ll be able to spend more money on the actual tourist part of your trip. If you have family and friends in an overseas location you’d like to visit, then so much the better!

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