How to Reward a Team That’s Based Remotely

While everyone used to be based in the same office, it is now not unusual to have a team that is scattered across the country. No matter where your employees might be working from, you should reward them just as much as a team that is together all the time. Here are some of the ways you can do so.

Christmas Party

The work night out at Christmas can often be the highlight of the year. Just because you are all based in different places does not mean that you cannot come together to celebrate in this happy time! There is always something for you to enjoy together. 

Why not have a look into a virtual work Christmas party? This can be a fantastic way for you to all come together without having to travel to be in the same restaurant or bar. Using a third party company also makes things much easier to organise as you just have to book a slot with them and let them take care of some of the finer details. If you know that you are going to be caught up in projects and unable to fully plan something like a work night out yourself, this can be the best alternative you have.

Flexible Days

Working from home is very different than choosing to work in an office. Setting up the day can be very different, and productivity might shift completely. For this reason, it is vital that you look into some of the ways that you can best support and reward your employees as they work remotely.

A great way to do so will always be with flexible days. You might decide to hang the working day around a video meeting, let’s say at 11 AM as an example, and you might have deadlines that you expect your employees to meet. Around that, they can work in the way that is best for them. You might have some employees where it is better for them to work from the early morning to the mid-afternoon. Others might prefer a later start. Giving them the responsibility of choosing their own start and end times rewards them and shows them that you trust their ability to motivate themselves.

Mental Health Days

When you have a team that is based remotely, there is a chance that they can spend a lot of time working. It is difficult for them to step away and focus on something else because they want to be able to get through their work to the standards that they do in the office. This is not always possible, and it can result in them working much longer hours than they should.

On top of their annual leave, it can be a good idea for a company to offer a few screen-free mental health days a year. This allows employees to take a step away from their laptops and devices if needs be. Taking a small digital detox in this way can be incredibly beneficial, and might help them to focus more at work in the long term.

Having a team that is scattered across the country might seem hectic and difficult to organise, but this could not be further from the truth. With the right amount of planning and communication, a team should be able to work from anywhere they choose with ease. As a team leader, it is up to you to ensure that everyone is properly motivated and able to complete their tasks efficiently. Keep up with all in your team and work hard to deliver the best possible results!

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