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How To Pack For Your Kids To Go On Holiday

How To Pack For Your Kids To Go On Holiday

Some people really enjoy the process of packing to go on holiday: I am not one of them. I have never ever had an experience where I am able to go on a holiday – whether that’s for a weekend or fortnight – without sitting on my suitcase to close it, and I’m definitely of the ‘more is more’ approach when it comes to packing.

The thought of arriving at my destination and being without an essential item of clothing that I’ve left at home, no matter what that might be, totally fills me with dread, so to pacify myself I literally just pack IT ALL.

My suitcase is always battered because of it, but I seem to be doing OK on the outfit front.

But packing for kids is totally different. Sure, my two might now be seasoned flyers, but they’re not old enough to pack for themselves (for this summer’s holiday to Greece, Hux somehow managed to sneak his slippers into his hand luggage), so I’ve come to realise that to save on stress I need come at the packing from a strategic angle.

Here’s how I pack for the kids to go on holiday:

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Plan Their Outfits in Advance
Just as I would for myself, it makes total sense to plan the kids’ outfits in advance. 2 months before we go away I make sure I have all the items in their wardrobes that are needed, a one-stop shop like Strawberry Children stock a range of childrens designer clothes, and then I start pulling together their outfits a couple of weeks before we leave.

Over the top? Maybe. Mad organized? Definitely.

Let Them Pull Their Own Suitcases
Travelling alone with my children, my life was revolutionised when they were able to carry their own luggage. We use Little Life suitcases as they have tons of fun characters (you’ve never seen a more popular 7-year-old than one with a Spider-man suitcase), and I like the fact it teaches them some responsibility, too.

Take Travel Laundry Soap
On holiday with my mum this year, I was impressed when she pulled out a tube of travel soap and got on with cleaning some of our dirty garments. It was brilliant though – we didn’t have to worry about dirtying our clothes or not having enough of them, we just gave ’em a quick swill in the hotel room sink. Genius!

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Roll, Not Fold
OK, so this piece of advice works for adults and children alike and was taught to me by my dear friend Neva who travels a ton on business. Don’t bother folding your clothes – they take up far too much space. All you need to do is roll them, instead!

Honestly, you’d be amazed at the space you’ll save by rolling over folding. OK, it’s not enough space that you can fit in six more outfits, but it’s most definitely the difference between having to sit on your suitcase and not before you leave for the airport.


How do you best pack for your children to go on holiday?

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  • I plan my outfits using a basic color scheme (black & white or beige & white) so that I can mix and match with ease. I fold each item and place an entire outfit in one of those 2.5 gal Ziploc bags, then squeeze the air out. That way, it’s the bags that shift and slide in my suitcase, not my clothes. I’ll occasionally include my accessories (scarf, earrings (in a snack baggie), etc. Everything stays neat, tidy, and usually unwrinkled.

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