How To Move House


I’m moving house.

Moving house is my least favourite thing to do which is interesting because I seem to have moved a lot in the last few years. I’ve moved from Nottingham to Kentish Town to Shoreditch to Islington to Muswell Hill to Buckinghamshire to a different town in Buckinghamshire to a different house in the same town. Mind-boggling but yep, sildenafil I’m about to do it all over again. Glutton for punishment, pills much?!

Well, buy no, but it’s necessary. We’re moving out of what used to be our family home into a smaller, more manageable place that will see us have a big reduction in bills which means more money for shoes, I mean groceries.

This will be the first move I’ve done alone. When you’re married you have someone else to lean on, someone else you can nag to pack boxes and organize belongings. Now it’s just me… me and the kids. Here’s how I’m going about it…

Be ruthless

Haven’t used it in six months? It goes. This one’s a bit tricky as I’ve been caught out by Elfie a couple of times (NO MUMMY YOU NOT THROW TIGGER AWAY!) but that’s OK… I know now to ‘sort out’ her toys under the cover of darkness. If it’s broken or incomplete it goes in the bin, the rest get carted off to the charity shop. The same goes for my belongings, too… I’ve sold all my CDs via Music Magpie and anything that hasn’t been worn in a while has been eBayed.

Get organized

I’ve started packing boxes and I don’t even have a moving date yet. Anything that doesn’t get used every day is getting packed and stored in the garage and it’s a great feeling. I’m thinking about storing some belongings permanently in the garage; who needs 26 wine glasses anyway?

Shop around

There are things that need to happen before you move house. Oven and carpets being cleaned, for one. I’m currently scouring my local facebook groups for local tradesmen who can help and will be doing the same when I have my moving date and need to book a van.

Soooo. Anyone want to come and do all the heavy lifting?


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