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How to make your Christmas look professionally styled

How to make your Christmas look professionally styled

Christmas together

As a nation we are obsessed with Christmas from the presents, to the pigs in blankets, decorations to the drinks. We aspire towards a Hallmark Happy Christmas and with little tweaks you can make your Christmas look like it’s been professionally styled in no time. Whether you prefer a polished yet paired back look or over-the-top and over-indulgent, Christmas décor has the ability to transform your home into a glittering winter wonderland with a sprinkling of opulence.

The wreath

Having a wreath on the door sets the tone for your entire Christmas production. Too small and it looks underwhelming, too large and it becomes cumbersome. Real-foliage wreaths with winter berries and pinecones make the perfect addition to any door. Place feathers among the foliage for an opulent look or entwine delicate fairy lights to add a contemporary twist on a modern classic.

You can even spray paint twigs and leaves to co-ordinate with your interior decorations, or add cinnamon, cloves and clementines for that warming wintery scent as you welcome guests over the threshold.

The tree

Regardless of whether you choose a real tree or an artificial one, the tree is the crowning glory of any household at Christmas. The Christmas tree can easily be transformed in to looking professionally styled and truly luxurious. The key is to have a theme and to stick to it – sadly (or not!) this means no lovingly crafted decorations by the children are allowed!

Consider the period of the property as well as the interior of the room. A traditional looking tree in a modern minimalist setting will look out of place, similarly a white artificial tree with neon baubles won’t cut the mustard among ornate architraves and ceiling roses.

Use a variety of different sized and textured decorations spread evenly throughout your tree to add interest and depth.

The decorations

Adding a garland to your fireplace and staircase are easy and effective ways to amp up your Christmas décor. Add similar decorations to those found on your tree to continue the theme.

Using floristry wire you can securely add cinnamon sticks, cloves and clementines too, as well as other foliage you may have foraged on winter woodland walks. Weave ribbon and lights through the garland to create a cohesive piece that sits with the rest of the theme.

Ensure you use the same light colours throughout too – warm white is perfect for a period property and provides a homely feel, while cool white lights work well in modern homes with contemporary colour palettes.

The presents

Your professionally styled Christmas should extend to the presents too. If you’ve gone for a more traditional Christmas theme, wrapping your gifts with tartan patterned paper in greens and reds finished with a flourishing gold bow creates a classic look. Scandi vibes can seamlessly be introduced with brown wrapping paper that features metallic detailing. Use pinecones, cinnamon sticks and even bells to add extra texture to your wrapping.

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Struggling to wrap unusual shapes? Why not take a look at gift wrapping guides like the one by Jane Means featured on Cox and Cox, nicknamed the ‘Giftwrap Guru’ you are bound to learn useful tips and insider tricks. Clever wrapping, ribbon and colour co-ordination will ensure even Father Christmas would be impressed.

The drinks

Nothing says Christmas quite like a sherry, and by simply serving your festive drinks from a glass or crystal decanter your mismatching collection of spirits will instantly be incorporated in to your decorations – adding a final flourish of festivity to proceedings.

Find a table, sideboard or drinks trolley (how retro!) for your new glassware and snake fairy lights and baubles around the bottles for a truly festive feel.

And if after all the tips, your home doesn’t look professionally styled – it’s ok, because Christmas is about spending time with loved ones.


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