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How to look and feel good in your glasses

How to look and feel good in your glasses

Discovered that you need to wear corrective lenses? Or are you due to get a new pair of glasses? Whatever the reason behind your latest pair of frames, it’s not always easy to come to terms with something different.

Getting new frames isn’t quite the same as getting a new top, or pair of jeans. You can always style and add accessories to the latest addition to your wardrobe. New eyewear, however, is right there on your face, for the world to see. This means getting it right is pretty crucial.

The right pair of frames shouldn’t harm your confidence, in fact, they should do the opposite. However, we all have doubts about our appearance from time to time and something as drastic as a new pair of glasses can quickly bring all our insecurities to the surface.

Here we’ll explore some simple ways you can look and feel good in your glasses.

Choose glasses that complement your face

Choosing the right pair of glasses takes time and careful consideration. There’s a lot to think about! From the color of the frames to the shape, and not forgetting finding a frame that suits your face shape and your skin tone. You might want to choose something that serves as an extension of your personality, whether it’s bright and funky or cool and intellectual looking. The right frame is out there, you just need to know how to search for it – find out more and discover your options on the EyeBuyDirect site.

Be mindful of makeup

The right pair of glasses will accentuate your beautiful features, so be wary of over-applying your makeup. Many glasses-wearers make the mistake of applying too much makeup because they believe that their glasses are covering most of their face. It’s simply not the case. Keeping your makeup light will stop it from looking cakey and unnatural. If you select the right eyeshadow, you can easily complement your frames! When you wear glasses, less is more!

Remember, you’re not the only one!

More people than ever before are wearing glasses. In fact, many people (including celebrities) wear glasses as an accessory rather than an optical aid! You’ll find people of all ages, genders and ethnicities wearing glasses and most do so with pride or without giving them a second thought. Remember, you’re not the only one.

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Be prepared for compliments

If this is the first time you’ve ever had to wear glasses, the reaction you get from friends, family and work colleagues might surprise you. Compliments are guaranteed in a good pair of glasses.

Don’t think the worst

When we think of glasses, it’s easy to remember kids in the playground being bullied or being stuck with a horrendous pair of thick-rimmed frames due to a lack of choice. These days glasses are incredibly popular and common, so it’s highly unlikely that anyone would call you out on your eyewear.

Choosing glasses is a very personal decision, and you shouldn’t let the opinions of others (whether you know them or not) influence your choice or rob you of your opportunity to express your personality.

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