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How To Incorporate Texture Into Your Home

When it comes to renovation, most of us place emphasis on colours, lighting and shapes. But textures also have a big impact on the way that an interior looks, too.

A light source reflecting off a metal surface will look completely different to that same light source reflecting off a wooden one, because the latter is more reflective than the former. And that’s before we even begin to consider the effect that textures like fur and velvet have when we actually touch them!

Let’s assess some of the more popular sorts of texture, and see how we can introduce them into the home.


Fur is made from lots of tiny fibres, each of which will slightly diffuse the incoming light to create a uniquely-inviting aesthetic. We associate fur with warmth and comfort, and thus a few fur items can be just the thing to break up an otherwise stark and angular interior. Naturally, you’ll find faux-fur options more widely available than the real thing.


Velvet throws are a fantastic way to add a little bit of autumnal luxury to a living space. Drape it over the back of a sofa, and introduce a few matching throw-cushions, and you can totally transform the look of the entire room.


Linoleum flooring is a flexible alternative to more expensive materials, but that doesn’t mean that it’s necessarily cheap-looking. Lino can offer a glossy surface in kitchen and bathroom flooring, replicating the look of polished stone for a fraction of the price.

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Timber often forms a structural component of a building, and these structural elements might be on display, especially in older homes. Cladding on floors and ceilings can achieve the same effect in modern ones. On the other hand, the furniture you put into your home can also add the unique touch that only timber can provide. You might go for something with a natural finish to accentuate the underlying grain of the material, but even if you decide to break out a paintbrush, you’ll find that wood offers something that other materials can’t replicate.

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Glass is a great way to protect delicate items on shelves, and it’ll also help to distribute the light around your interior. A mirrored wardrobe from Hammonds is a great way to do this; it will provide the impression of a room that’s far larger than it otherwise might appear.


Exposed metalwork can provide a worn-in, industrial look which is great for kitchens. If you opt for something glossy and clean, you’ll make your home look ultra-sleek and new looking. Just beware of surfaces which are likely to accumulate fingerprints: the shinier the material, the more those little blemishes will show up.

Exposed Brickwork and Stone

For the ultimate in rustic charm, you can dispense with plaster altogether and go for a few walls of exposed brickwork. This might mean exposing wire runs and channelled pipework, but there are ways of getting around this with faux-brickwork: it looks just like the real thing, except it’s thin and designed to fix onto the wall in the same way as the tiling in a kitchen or bathroom.

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