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How to Get More Adventure From Your Holiday
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If you are the type of person that likes action and adventure then you will always be looking for fun and thrilling things to do when you are on holiday. Adventure holidays are ideal because they can help you to get the most out of travelling to a new country and have unique, memorable and exciting experiences which will create lasting memories.

Here are just a few of the best adventure holidays to consider.

Trekking Up Mt Kilimanjaro

Mt Kilimanjaro is always a popular destination with adventure-seekers and it is easy to see why. Located in Tanzania, Mt Kilimanjaro is the highest mountain in Africa with a summit of around 4,900 metres from its base and 5,895 above sea level. Trekking up here is an immensely challenging yet incredibly rewarding experience with astonishing views from the top. Climbing trips to Kilimanjaro will always be a life-changing experience and provide you with many happy memories.

Sky Diving in New Zealand

There are few experiences as thrilling and adrenaline-inducing as sky diving. While it is true that you can do this anywhere, New Zealand is one of the best places to do this as it is a country of outstanding natural beauty so seeing this from thousands of feet in the air is an incredible sight to see. Sky diving is an excellent activity to tick off your bucket list and something that everyone should try at some point in their life.

Hot Air Balloon in Turkey

A hot air balloon ride is always a lovely experience and a great chance to see destinations from up in the clouds. The Cappadocia region of Turkey is the most popular place in the world to do this with beautiful scenery and a unique experience with the sky being filled with other colourful hot balloons.

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Paddle Along Colorado River, America

The epic Colorado River runs a gigantic 1,450 miles and through 5 States and it is a highly popular river with adventurous types because it is perfect for paddling and taking in the breathtaking scenery. There are sections of the river that are suitable for all levels whether you are a beginner looking for a calm experience taking in the views or if you are looking for adrenaline-inducing action.

These are just a few ideas for anyone looking for an adventure holiday but there are many other excellent opportunities to consider in exciting destinations all around the world. Action-packed holidays like this will always be more memorable and sometimes they can be the best way to see and experience a new destination, plus they are sure to give you many great stories and photos to share with friends and family once you return home.

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