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How to Find a Wedding Venue That Suits You

How to Find a Wedding Venue That Suits You

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There are few things more important than the venue in which you and your partner choose to get married. It’s up to you to find a wedding that both meets your needs and suits you and your partner. But how do you go about making that happen? There are no easy answers to that question, but there are a few things you should think about and some advice you should keep in mind. And you can learn about all that below.

Conduct Return Visits

When you’re taking a look at venues and visiting them in person, it’s easy to get a bad first impression. And it’s also easy to get swept up in all the positives and the sales pitch being given to you. To avoid both of those traps, you should always be sure to give venues a return visit and try to take an objective look at them. That way you can make an informed choice when it’s time to make your decision.

Look for a Place That Gives You ‘The Feeling’

The right wedding venue will be one that gives you ‘the feeling’. You might call it intuition, a gut feeling or whatever else. But if you don’t get that special feeling when you get to know a venue and start to imagine getting married there, it’s probably not the venue that’s right for you or that suits you. Keep looking until you find the venue that makes you feel that way.

Make a ‘Tradition vs. Modern’ Decision

One of the most important and fundamental decisions you’ll need to make when choosing your wedding venue is the choice between a traditional or modern venue. A place like Clevedon Hall offers the grandeur and elegance that comes with a traditional venue. But you might prefer something much more sleek and modern. That’s something for you and your partner to decide on together.

Keep an Open Mind When Browsing

Keeping an open mind will allow you to discover places that might be ideal for you, even if they’re the kinds of places that you might not have ordinarily considered. It’s not uncommon for people to surprise themselves when it comes to choosing wedding venues and eventually falling in love with the right one.

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Make Sure the Venue Reflects Aspects of Your Personalities

Finally, you should make sure that the wedding venue that you eventually settle on is one that, in some way, reflects your personality and the personality of your partner. That can mean very different things for different people. But you should feel that connection and that suitability in your venue, so keep that in mind when hunting for yours.


Finding a wedding venue is one of the most important decisions you’ll make when planning your wedding. The surroundings shape the memories of your wedding day and the experience you and your guests will hold dear for a long time to come. So be sure to make the most of the tips above when making your choice.

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